upgrading processing technology

upgrading processing technology

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Parquet from the date of invention has been 70 years of history, as the market is changing constantly innovate to meet the different consumer demand, replacement tongue groove garden bench parts showed the following development trends. 1. Product diversification and personalization to the development of traditional parquet table plate has three symmetrical spell spelling table plate precious rare species mainly hard, core board and backplane commonly used coniferous species,faux wood plastic panels more single product.

The late 90s of last century, where can i buy waterproof floor with consumer attitudes and upgrading processing technology development, product diversification and consumer demand for more personalized, the traditional three-mile three-layer parquet to two fight, face alone, bamboo table plate, softwood table board, two- and multi-layer composite direction.

In recent years, as the representative of the United States and the pursuit of personalized vintage antique style parquet meteoric rise, anti-cracking vinyl floors gradually affecting products to Europe, and Europe began to accept such a return to embody the vicissitudes of history personalized floor, in our country by some discerning consumers.
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