should buy wood flooring

should buy wood flooring

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Note that the selection of wood products because water swelling is most likely to deform, so the choice of decoration wood products to be extra careful, you should choose low water absorption, low coefficient of deformation of wood recycle material for balcony floor materials.
Such as solid wood flooring should choose the larger manufacturers of products, because the wood itself is deformed by water absorption of the decision, and water absorption rate rebounded to its wood floor is directly related to baking techniques; should buy wood flooring must be purchased waterproof better product; as for laminate cheap anti bacterial deck flooring flooring, because after the relevant machining program, so less deformation. Under normal circumstances, the moisture content of the sheet material can neither be too high, not too low. Apartments generally warm and humid environment will breed harmful bacteria and germs, most of which will be in the room on the ground dead breed, the rainy season will be more mildew, not only affects the appearance, and even endanger the health of their families.
Therefore, in the choice of flooring, optionally with antibacterial antifungal function of the floor. Currently, there photocatalyst having antimicrobial silver ion antimicrobial and antibacterial uv resistant decorative fencing floor, in the choice, the best choice for the Chinese anti-bacterial materials and products industry associations issued CIAA products.
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