Laminate flooring discount wonders

Laminate flooring discount wonders

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Since last year, strengthening the wood floor has experienced numerous earthquakes price. {anti slip wpc for pools decking Last March, Germany regal pioneered 86 yuan per square meter of floor ultimate import price, laminate flooring started the price war first shot. Two months later, Dekor has launched a $ 65 per square meter (net plate) standard floor king, the ultimate price of domestic floors. Followed by the brand, they have in store posted a 7 fold, 6.6-fold, 6.5-fold poster. Since then, laminate flooring surging price war, one after another. Recently, the regal floor has launched a new series - "GB King", further price per square meter of floor dropped 57 yuan! After Germany and also unwilling to macro-resistant, home building materials supermarket in the East played laminate flooring catty limited promotions: imported high-class product is priced at 3.5 yuan per kilogram floor, calculated in accordance with the relevant data, the price per square meter probably around 53 yuan, a lot cheaper than the original price. moisture resistant wood plastic decking Looking at these discount brands to imported brands majority, but many consumers have discounted such a doubt, these discounted products and did not discount what difference does it? It is not discounted laminate flooring discount than not bad? Let's take a look, laminate flooring market is currently divided into the following categories: First, all imported, mostly from imports to Germany, as well as Switzerland, Sweden, Spain and other European countries. Second plate imports, domestic grooving, many domestic manufacturers in order to get the low-end market share, lower costs, faster introduction of lines imported whole board processed in the country for grooving processing. Third, the material imports, domestic production and processing, and some manufacturers will use imported semi-finished plate after its production capacity of processing their own brand floor. Relatively speaking, the highest product quality stability all imports. From the width, it is only a small part of imported brands will supply a wide plate series. {balcony privacy screen decorative And this higher level, and to increase the thickness of the floor price is bound to be more expensive than the ordinary type. All imports class factory floor under the impact of the domestic market prices are now less and less water, usually from about 95-130 yuan ranging advertising AC3 larger level is more expensive at 145 yuan to 215 yuan around, take the high series of floor (12MM thick, AC4 standard) may be around 215 yuan to 275 yuan, front porch floor materials such as Sweden, Park Lane and the like. The current release of the low-floor basically not all imports, while those of imported whole class floor price drop actually not much. France Bullock for example, the Court mute floor series than the ordinary type flooring 50 yuan more expensive, wear-resistant surface level has reached the floor of the characteristics of this business two rather ordinary home floor does not need such a high index . It's like mobile phone prices, those cheap phones omitted a lot of unnecessary features, retains the basic functions of mobile phones, the cost is bound to come down. But someone needs unique, personalized products, therefore, laminate flooring brand in specialty-type floor also has a fixed consumer groups. Currently laminate flooring market had been in the high-end imported brands also strive for the end user, so choose discount floor totally renovated preferences and budget of the consumer.
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