Home decoration floor material should be how to choose?

Home decoration floor material should be how to choose?

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<p>For an ideal home, everyone has their own set of ideas, communication designers and owners can not be ignored. First, the choice of flooring in the decoration to do a preliminary understanding, contribute to interior regions, and selected functional division. Entrance and living room home decoration, the marble is generally used in the entrance porch and living room. The advantage is easy to clean, luxurious appearance, long life, afraid of being scratched, not afraid of heavy pressure, natural and beautiful inside and out. The disadvantage is that natural stone is expensive, heavy texture, the building in stressful, affecting safety, construction for a long time.</p>

<p>Common area living room and bedroom living room, bedroom and other optional wood floor. Floor divided into two categories, namely solid wood flooring, laminate flooring.Advantages of solid wood flooring is natural warm enough to feel soft, more comfortable, with natural texture, fine texture. The disadvantage is that the swelling shrinkage, deformation, easy to moth-eaten, flammable, do not wear, tread with difficult, complex maintenance, Over easy to lose luster. Advantage of laminate flooring is very wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, pressure-resistant, easy to distort, to clean it, anti-static, anti-moth, installation is simple and fast. The disadvantage is not very comfortable foot feeling, somewhat less elastic.</p>

<p>Common area kitchen and terrace kitchen, bathroom, balcony, optional land tiles, wall tiles, whole body tiles materials. The advantage is easy to clean, simple pavement; rich colors, patterns and diverse; high hardness brick whole body, even if the surface is damaged, does not affect the appearance; durable, relatively lighter texture, the building in little effect. Children's room bedroom, children's room rug more appropriate choice, the advantage is the appearance of luxury, and cheap carpeting price, very soft, heat, moisture, light, and wool carpets are woven with natural materials, there is a sense of back to nature. The disadvantage is that easy to dirty, stained dust.</p>

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