Laminate flooring thickness not judge the merits of the stan

Laminate flooring thickness not judge the merits of the stan

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Consumers should be used with caution more than 8 mm laminate flooring? Industry experts point out that it has recently suspected of misleading consumers, the capital of a media industry reports, consumers in more than 8 mm thickness laminate flooring products should be used with caution, "because more than 8 mm laminate flooring, density the vast majority are less than the density of the substrate due to the production floor ...... more than 8 mm thick floor immature technology, deck spacing composite consumer choice once thick floor, prone to the problem of formaldehyde pollution increased, deformation, cracks and so on. "in this connection, the newspaper of the market circumstances do the relevant investigation, and interviewed industry stakeholders. The survey found that the vast majority of flooring brands on the market, are more than 8 mm thick flooring products; Insiders also pointed out that "thick floor should be used with caution," there is suspected of misleading consumers. The industry consensus: "8 mm" no guarantee of quality can not be across the board, general manager of Power Dekor Shumin said that in the end more than 8 mm flooring products Have quality assurance, these can not be generalized to give a specific look at the manufacturer's manufacturing processes and technologies, but on strengthening international wood flooring products common standard thickness is 7 mm -8 mm. outdoor flooring in qatar League Secretary-General Gao Zhihua flooring companies expressly floor thick, formaldehyde emission will be more; the floor thick, low density certainly is not accurate. "Flooring products currently on the market growth rate of 12 mm quickly, so we do not make a fuss on the thickness of the floor, flooring products should be diversified, if the thickness of the floor on formaldehyde exceeding the thickness of the quality assurance difficult, I do not identity ", Gao Zhihua said. outdoor bamboo decking in uae Germany Krono Wood Group Marketing Director of China Yang Zhiming said thick floor density will drop this argument untenable, "like a piece of cake thickness after Whether to cut his density is the same." Assistant to the President of the Group of Dominica He said that the current value of the thicker floor higher in Europe, the price is higher, and consumers tend to be relatively thick wooden flooring. Trend Watch: "8 mm" and "8 mm" will have their own expert WANG Tian market, according to Wood, from the world's first laminate flooring has developed more than ten years, and people use fiberboard history has several ten years, "from the current world and domestic fiberboard production equipment and technology level, production thickness of 2.5 mm -40 mm fibreboard no problem, and the product performance is very stable." Nabi floor Zhangwei Xiang, general manager, said: laminate flooring in the future trend is getting thicker. Because it comes from wood, saving more resources than wood, alternative wood is the future trend. Solid wood flooring 15 mm, 20 mm has, from this direction to predict the future, the floor will become increasingly thick. Gao Zhihua that, from the change in thickness strengthen the wooden floor, our country can be broadly divided into the laminate flooring market: the market early mid-1990s of the last century, article wood plastic composite in malaysia 6 mm -8 mm laminate flooring market mainstream products; in recent years market maturity, more than 8 mm laminate flooring capita rises gradually become an important part of the market. The survey found that some large domestic flooring manufacturers, such as Germany Krono Wood Group, Power Dekor Group are on the production of more than 8 mm thickness laminate flooring. Power Dekor Group launched the 8.6 mm thick PD9 Diamond, Germany Krono Wood Group's production of "Rhine sunshine" series of flooring, cork mute German family launched flooring and other products have become the market selling laminate flooring thicken . Gao Zhihua finally said, turnip cabbage all have love, either 8 mm or less than 8 mm flooring products, had based on market demand and consumer preferences to determine, this industry can not operate, she says.
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