The key of solid wood floor coverings

The key of solid wood floor coverings

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Find plane

For the laying of solid wood flooring, the flatness of the ground, unlike the requirements as to strengthen the harsh and parquet flooring, just keep at a normal level flat on it.


Wooden keel material is generally white pine or fir. Keel height depends on conditions on the ground may be, but not less than 1.5 cm in width can not be less than 3.5 cm.

There are many wooden keel fixation methods, such as eye hit, then plug wedge, fixed with nails; nail directly fixed; fixed with plastic and the like with a fixed frame. These methods can be used simultaneously, but from an environmental point of view, does not recommend the use of glue fixation. After lay the keel to the dragon wood surface leveling for the future lay the foundation for floor coverings.

After playing the keel to do a cleaning and vacuuming, to ensure a positive keel flat, smooth. Then sprinkle evenly put moisture, insecticides.

SHOP damp proof membrane

When laying a damp proof membrane, to try to flatten it, laying into the side, should be the corner shop to more than 5 cm, subject to the baseboard. Place seam tape must be fixed. Overlap between the anti-moisture-proof film to reach 5 cm.

Floor coverings

Before the official pre-paving laying the floor in accordance with the same color and texture as much as possible the principle display. In this process, you can also check whether the floor size of the head or tip cracking and other problems.

If you are satisfied with the pre-laying, the floor can be fixed, officially the pavement. It is worth noting that, in contact with the floor keel must have a nail. When fixing the floor, the floor should pay attention to whether there are cracks in the ends of adjacent floor height is too large or the gap is too big puzzle and other issues.


SouFun Experts suggest that in the pavement of solid wood flooring, to grasp the sense of proportion, leaving a certain stretch factor of solid wood floors, floor gap is too large or too small will affect the pavement effect, floor gap is too dense, damp wood floor expanded It will be bagging deformation phenomenon.

Wall holding dried

Do wall decoration, dried grass-roots putty is particularly important. Especially before pasting tiles, floor tiles, wall treatment, can not let the underlying finish is too dry, the general pretreatment Sprinkle Sheung Shui, allowed to absorb about half an hour, and then cement mortar or gypsum powder base, in order to ensure a firm paste . Great paint dries slowly, and the paint will produce a layer of fog after absorbing moisture in the air. The best practice is to use drying agents, so that the paint dries faster. Summer decoration will encounter because the paint dries slowly, moldy taste in hot flashes weather problems. After the drying process engineering to do grass-roots putty, walls full play to three or four times before putty paint brush. After each played putty, to try to extend the drying time, good ventilation, minimizing indoor moisture. Once the putty dry, then lay again, not the progress of the winter and spring period compared. If the case did not dry putty, putty or repeated marked with paint brush, the excess water lock in which the wall will be "sweating" or even a large area of cracking phenomenon. Therefore, it is best done before the rainy season decoration.
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