How to care for wood floors

How to care for wood floors

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1. When using semi-dry cleaning mop. If the air in your home dry, wet mop may be some or put a pot of water with a humidifier or humidifier in the heating.

2. After laying is completed in a timely manner waxing. In normal use, every 3 months waxing once. In fact, do not fight also, but often waxing can keep the floor finish, extend the service life of solid wood flooring.
3. Avoid contact with wood floors plenty of water; avoid acidic, alkaline liquid to clean, so as not to damage the floor surface of the paint finish.

4. Avoid sharp objects to scratch the surface, do not throw cigarette butts on the floor or placed directly on things too hot, to avoid dragging heavy furniture.

5, the floor during use, if that individual floors or loss from the shell should be promptly taken from the floor, stripped off the old glue and ash, painted with the new plastic compaction. Hitting candle monthly maintenance is the best method, but before waxing to clean stains and moisture.

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