Unidirectional solid wood flooring

Unidirectional solid wood flooring

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And the current mid-range price Tianjin composite wood flooring between 60-100 yuan / per square meter, generally cheaper than solid wood nontoxic pvc decking floor dubai flooring, for working-class spending power, so much of its sales of certain reasons. It is understood that the reason is product innovation to the development of composite wood flooring.
2001 in Tianjin, relief floor flooring market has just exposed "Tau", and in 2002 had accounted for most of the market share of composite wood flooring. Comfortable foot feeling, improve physical stability and greater noise reduction Mute function will be the development direction of the next few years, composite wood floors. There were indications that the new composite wood flooring is about to launch this year, change the function of the laminate backyard patio composite lumber flooring from the structure and thus occupy more market share. Parquet: wearable and stable, comfortable and natural parquet is divided into three parquet, wood flooring, new parquet three kinds, because it is staggered by different species of laminated sheets, thus overcoming unidirectional solid wood flooring homosexual shortcomings, shrinkage swelling rate is small, has good dimensional stability, and preserves the natural wood grain of solid wood flooring and comfortable foot feeling.
Parquet and laminate flooring stability and solid wood disadvantages of decorative wall panel flooring in one beautiful, but also has environmental advantages, performance relatively high value of the new wood flooring, wood floor should be the trend of development.
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