Selected maintenance flooring DIY teach you a trick

Selected maintenance flooring DIY teach you a trick

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Since the ground related to the types of materials on the market is very diverse, including stone, <a href="">plastic wood for decks sold by a case</a> wood, laminate flooring, ceramic tile and carpet and so on, consumers have a lot of choice to choose their own ground material is necessary to consider their own preferences, and second, to consider the living environment, three to take into account the climate. When choosing flooring, but also to learn more about common sense Decking: The floor is now on the market are many kinds, mainly solid wood flooring and laminate flooring. Solid wood flooring due to the different types of wood, choice is relatively large, solid wood flooring in the selection of the most important is to choose the high stability of the material, pay attention to the ground in the construction must be smooth, the keel skids or Daixinban quality should be guaranteed. As for the flooring of the most important is whether the product is environmentally friendly, and now composite flooring domestic market mainly imported products, when you choose the best product to see whether the Blue Angel Eco-label, now has three other EU Code of flooring manufacturers through our green certification, we believe that in the near future, you will not have to distinguish between the many foreign ecolabel worry. Maintenance and wood damaging and wood, although not very common, but we need regular maintenance in order to forever as new, and prolong life. The little secret of its maintenance include the following: wood: 1, cleaning with water is not suitable, you can use the vacuum cleaner, <a href="">plywood replacement material</a> then wipe with a damp cloth slightly. 2, after a period of use, because the wood contains moisture while blackening phenomenon, this time you can use part of the oxalic acid wash will appear black, and then paint a layer of lacquer table. 3, solid wood flooring can be in use for some time, the surface reforming, to like-new condition. Tile maintenance is the easiest of various materials, generally with a damp cloth, soap or detergent can be added. Carpet: 1, the use of a vacuum cleaner for regular cleaning. 2, the interior remains dry, do not drop food or drink on the carpet, kept dry by dusting machine. 3, <a href="">hard sided pool with deck around it</a> if accidentally soiled carpet, the best professional cleaning, carpet tiles can be sent to the dry cleaners. Stone: 1, daily cleaning with a damp cloth to be wrung out, wipe a little, remember not to scrub cleaner or soapy water directly, so as not to damage the surface brightness. 2, on the stone surface layer of protective film to prevent deterioration. 3, in case of surface yellowing phenomenon can be stained cloth or paper towel covering industrial hydrogen peroxide, so that part of the color slowly faded. In general, the higher the price of the stone, but with a durable, advantages never variant; solid wood flooring in recent years, increasingly popular concept in the natural environment, can be used for bedrooms and other more intimate space; <a href="">stores that sell composit polymeric siding</a> tiles can be used for indoor and outdoor, but because its easy to slip, frequented channel is best to use a high abrasion resistance, coarser kind. Quite romantic carpet in flooring is also often used; it has a warm and comfortable feeling, as well as the effect of noise, but the disadvantage is easy to clean, but also to regular maintenance, you can according to their preferences and tastes to choose.
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