VS tile floor price

VS tile floor price

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Jiaogan, environmental protection and the conservation of their respective merits of the price floor tiles VS Competition for office workers, easy care laminate flooring and tiles are on the election. Floor decoration how to choose laminate flooring or tile chosen it? Each person will be renovated first attempt to meet such challenges, on the one hand, the floor giving a feeling of comfort, composite decking overlay boards the price is concerned, is slightly cheaper, high-grade flooring more affordable than the price of high-grade ceramic tile, construction is simple, free installations It is to save money, and effort of the road. On the other hand, tile intense pace of life in line with modern, easier to care, environmental protection and good, long life, waterproof, corrosion resistance, simple maintenance. You do not know which is better than the more chose? Reporters interviewed yesterday, Chau decoration company designer Qi Xiaoyong. You also hope that through this article to compare with the floor, ceramic tile characteristics make a suitable choice. outdoor bench slat replacements Flooring Replacement endless advantages comparing love with the floor 4 Reasons floor has four distinct advantages: attractive, durable; good comfort; good use of geothermal heating and insulation performance; price is slightly cheaper, but the construction is simple, free installation. A Illustration: floor with a beautiful, durable features, natural wood species, can be a good representation of a person's quality of life. Excellent ground Jiaogan make people uncomfortable, wear large public places to ensure that the ground wear life, had to choose a harder surface material and the bedroom and other living areas selected elastic good wood floor, not only the foot feeling comfortable and can greatly reduce the impact of noise on the floor, from the fundamental solution to the problem of excessive noise, make the room more cozy and peaceful. Compared with conventional heating methods, cost of green outdoor decking california taking its geothermal heating radiating large, it requires relatively low water temperatures, is energy saving heating mode; due to rising hot air, radiant heat evenly throughout the floor, so that the room temperature is small, to people feet warm but not hot head comfort; its long service life, repair and maintenance costs are lower than conventional heating methods, affordable. In general, the price of high-end brands of laminate flooring products between 90-120 yuan per square meter. Tiles high-end brands cost between 150-250 yuan per square meter. Wood floor installation method is simple, smooth no knots cheap decking boards dealer price contain auxiliary materials cost and construction labor costs, you can let free installation. Reasons To Love 5 Reasons tile tile likable main 5: easy to clean, simple to maintain, easy to hide dust-free air pollutants; long life, can generally be used 10--20 years; fireproof, waterproof, anti-corrosion good performance; environmental protection; rich modeling. View elaborated: If you want adequate facilities, then select the tiles it. Casually in which the building materials market, there are a variety of sizes, colors and various patterns of tiles sold. With a piece of tile can spell their own vision of family life. And take care of them particularly convenient tiles, sweep swept away, we will be able to rub very clean. Tiles without fear of being wetted with water or scratch hard objects. Understanding the reasons shortcomings exposed floor of five defects opt out floor there are five: the weather and humidity greater impact; the need for regular maintenance; warped easily deformed after flooding; formaldehyde release; relatively short life. ���� view elaborated: natural wood floor does have a beautiful, comfortable, good insulation properties strengths, good things often need to do more work, warped wooden floor easily deformed, there will be much formaldehyde emission of health harm. Not easy to take care, waxing often you have to do maintenance.
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