after allowing the thermoplastic resin

after allowing the thermoplastic resin

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<p>such as door and window decoration member, corridors, roofs, car decoration materials and outdoor garden Park and various equipment. 2, [2] describes the development of wood-plastic composite materials Situation and Development Trend of Chinese WPC mobile home wall paneling suppliers</p>
<p>(WPC) is the use of wood fibers or plant fibers in various forms as a reinforcing material or filler pretreated after allowing the thermoplastic resin (PP, PE, PVC, etc.) or other composite materials made of a new environmentally friendly composite materials. Dual characteristics of WPC materials and products both wood and plastic, wood texture, and can be produced in different colors according to needs, with many features not wood: high mechanical properties,composite front porch material</p>
<p>light, moisture, acid and alkali and easy cleaning etc., but also to overcome the woody material with high water absorption, easy to crack deformation, insects susceptible to mildew disadvantages. Market situation in the dual circulation to promote national economic policies to encourage enterprises and the potential benefits of a national demand, commercial pavilion kits price</p>
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