Wood floor wax method

Wood floor wax method

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Today, wood is the preferred home decoration materials on the ground, however, to nice wood floor waxing can increase the aesthetic, but also insects and moisture-proof, anti-cracking, extend the life of the floor, wood floor maintenance is a necessary measure, but in wood floor waxing to time if improper methods will produce white, circle marks, and color and so on, just the opposite, so the wood floor wax must find the method.

Wood floor wax method

1, clean up the ground garbage and debris, construction signs erected. Wipe the stains on the floor with a diluted neutral detergent. For difficult to remove stains can satisfy the water clean. To prevent the detergent accumulates in the trenches at the soak detergent rag to try to wring. Floor wax scavengers will lead to the floor cause stains and bulging, must not be used.

2, with a mild detergent with the washing machine to clean the ground. Use wring the cloth to wipe. Floor surface, especially the groove, carefully wipe, do not residual detergent. Such as residual detergent and water will lead to the surface of white, bulging.

3, with a dry towel to dry the floor or wait until it dry naturally. Fully dry surface moisture and the groove portion of the floor is completely dry before after waxing. Depending on the season, the time required can vary, but generally take half a day or more. Such as has not been sufficiently dried, floor wax will not be closely attached to the floor surface, it affects the appearance, whitened phenomenon.

4, until the ground dried, and its surface even waxing. Swing the floor wax container and stir evenly. In accordance with the direction of the wood grain carefully spread the floor, do not leak coated or uneven thickness. Apply too little can cause uneven shades, apply too much will result in poor film-forming. Bo Hou uniform is the key to keeping waxing. Not be diluted with water and floor wax. You can use a dedicated tool waxing waxing mop, easy to operate, the results are satisfactory.

5, until the wax surface to dry thoroughly, professionally polished with a polishing pad to the surface of uniform brightness to high-speed polishing machine.

6, waxing and polishing the floor after, bright and clean, good special effects and feel. Before drying floor wax, do not walk on the floor. Drying usually takes from 20 minutes to one hour. Tu as tainted, to be painted up. Such as the use waxing way twice, the second time when applied to after the first dry completely.

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