Analysis of all kinds of flooring materials

Analysis of all kinds of flooring materials

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<p>Colorful furniture into the market, you can distinguish what is pure solid wood furniture, which is imitation wood, which is wood veneer furniture, furniture and what is it? Solid wood furniture is made from natural wood, so wood furniture surfaces generally can see the real pattern, furniture manufacturer for solid wood furniture sometimes finishing varnish or matt lacquer, etc. to show the natural color of wood. The furniture refers to the middle-density fiberboard or particleboard surface veneer process made furniture, due to changing styles and very stylish. Appearance of the material each win a chip</p>

<p>In people's minds, solid wood furniture is heavy mahogany furniture, solid wood furniture, in fact, has its forms, of course, with the Chinese furniture gradually became fashion, solid wood furniture has become increasingly favored to win a lot of fashion people. And solid wood furniture worth keeping. Speaking of solid wood furniture, one is pure solid wood furniture. That all timber furniture is solid wood, including desktop, wardrobe door, side Dengjun pure solid wood, do not use any other form of wood-based panels. Pure solid wood furniture on the process and demanding material, wood selection, drying, finger, patchwork and other requirements are very stringent. If the working procedure strict, small cracks appeared, junction loosening phenomenon, large deformation of the whole package of furniture, as well as unusable. Another imitation wood furniture.</p>

<p>The so-called imitation wood furniture, solid wood furniture in appearance, wood natural texture, feel and color and furniture are exactly the same, but in fact is solid wood furniture and wood-based panel mix, namely the top side, bottom, shelves and other components with veneer particleboard or MDF fiberboard. Solid wood doors and drawers are used. This process saves wood, while also lowering costs. So the price it is more acceptable. There is now the largest in the market appear mostly furniture, it refers to a middle-density fiberboard or particleboard surface veneer process made furniture. This furniture is a large part of the wood grain simulation furniture, veneer for sale on the market some of the furniture is more realistic, gloss, feel so good, craft fine furniture prices are naturally very expensive. Person to person according to their own characteristics</p>

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