WPC matrix resin

WPC matrix resin

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<p>etc. caused by the combined effects of . Raw materials currently used in the manufacture of WPC matrix resin, mainly for PE, PVC, PP, PS, etc., due to the high cost of the new material, the general use of waste, recycling plastic instead. China recycled plastics lack of strict sorting, testing methods, could easily lead to the selected plastic waste mixed with small amounts of other varieties of plastic waste, it can not be broken.diy easy park bench recycled material</p>
<p>Waste wood materials in a single timber or may not, lead to waste because of complicated composition difficult to guarantee quality. In addition, the current relationship between wood materials selection, processing and final product performance is also lacking between the System.hdpe deck materials</p>
<p>Metal processing equipment due to the limited material properties, precision machining, equipment manufacturing costs and market prices, etc., the current domestic wood processing equipment, there are still some problems, such as process yield is generally not high,geo deck cost per square foot</p>
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