womens air max 2016 nike

womens air max 2016 nike

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bottle design may be more important than taste

Vodkas in newly designed bottles are gaining market Nike Air Max 2016 share, sometimes at the expense of long time brands that rely on traditional packaging, says Affinnova Inc., a Waltham Nike Air Max 2016 company that has repurposed algorithms initially developed for genetic research to help consumer products companies better understand their markets.

Affinnova said it conducted a Design Audit that included evaluations of popular vodkas by 500 US vodka drinkers.

showed that up and coming brands Belvedere and Pinnacle are leveraging bold and unique package designs to gain market share, the company said in a press release.

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And because advertising is increasingly fragmented, packaging has become more important, Nike Air Max 2016 Affinnova president and chief executive Waleed Al Atraqchi said in a statement. According to Affinnova, bottle design can even trump taste.

remains one of the most underleveraged assets a company has in launching and maintaining a successful brand, Nike Air Max 2017 he said. advertising becomes increasingly fragmented and has less impact on consumers, packaging must work harder to build brand equity and drive purchases. Advanced marketers need to monitor how package design is impacting shelf presence and consumer perception and respond accordingly, much in the same way they actively measure and adjust other aspects of their marketing performance.
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