Cheng high speed rail

Cheng high speed rail

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Wu Jiu passenger dedicated line extending direction from Wuhan to Huangshi, Jiujiang intercity railway Daye North Station via Daye, Yangxin and other places. The railway west Han ten high-speed rail, east (south) Chang 9 (Jiang) Railway, the railway for connectivity with the national railway Wuhuang intercity roads. The first half of the project is completed girder work across the board, start laying.

Han Hyo intercity railway track-laying project has entered the stage of the stations along the rooms have been completed, is expected to open to traffic during the year can be achieved. Hubei Cheng, high-speed rail segment in May a preliminary design review Kam repair, construction preparation basically completed, is expected in late September or early October to start across the board.

SKZ Kangzhen is a national high-tech enterprise dedicated to the development of intelligent construction equipment, production, sales, construction enterprises to provide automation, mechanization and standardization of construction methods.

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