Personalized Clothes Wholesale their own emotions

Personalized Clothes Wholesale their own emotions

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Personalized Clothes Wholesale their own emotions
ry arrogant, and arrogance actually faint with a hint of childish. "Poof ......" Ling Maimai laughed. "Why" This is replaced by Ning Xia Zi snappily. "No, you look like a child's odds!" Ling Maimai tell the truth. "You get out now!" Zi Xia Ning altogether turned, facing Lingmai Mai pulls a face. "Ha ha ha ......" This time, Ling Maimai is not at all rude and laughed. Ning Xia Zi Ling Maimai do not bother to care, focused driving a car. Before nothing funny Ling Maimai happy, is subconsciously dislike Ling Maimai unhappy expression. He seems at first glance to see Ling Maimai, the kind of conditioned reflex to think Lingmai Mai is definitely a sunny person, so people should not be sunny haze to any buried. Fast car driving to the city, when suddenly Ning Xia Zi said: "Mobile." "What is your phone" Ling Maimai shocked at. "You." Zi Xia Ning knock nod. Ling Maimai subconsciously took out his cell phone, handed Ning Xia Zi hand, did not think about anything. Ning Xia Zi also very simply Nalingmaimai cell phone t.Authentic Dak Prescott Jersey o call his phone, and he's scowled up. Car tire grip came a sharp sound, so the car stopped at the roadside. "Your phone does not dial out" Zi Xia asked rather straightforward. "......" Ling Maimai did not speak. Before and Jiwei Lin's phone, she fulfilled her guess. And now Ning Xia Zi move, she began to really did not think, but now the results, so the idea of her heart was completely been affirmed. "You shut Yu Chen limits" Xia Zi Ning very directly asked, "So you did not chauffeur, sneaking out of their own" "......" Ling Maimai did not know how to explain such a thing. "Unlike Guan Yu Chen style ah!" Zi Xia Ning somewhat inexplicable. "Do you know him" Asked Ling Maimai."Unknown." Ning Xia Zi answer very simply, "just as he this time in the media practice, do not think he will take the initiative to limit your actions. Not to mention, you're not his prisoner, but also unreasonable to .Youth Dak Prescott Jersey do so." Ling Maimai unnatural laugh or two, do not know how to pick topics. "Well, I'll give you my phone number no
ion on the side of the mall's closed, can not be any problems.." "Kitten ......" Guan Yu Chen still does not seem assured. Yang Ling Maimai a hint of laughter, went on: "Besides, you do not have people follow me follow you always have to trust me, right" "Good." Guan Yu Chen finally compromise, "but tomorrow I will go for check. Tomorrow is your check-in time, you can see the baby's situation." "Good." This time, replaced Lingmai Mai nodded. It seems, for a moment, my heart those emotions disappeared. Mood of pregnant women is very unusual, Ling Maimai himself knew, that sometimes are unable to control their own emotions. However, often turned to see Guan Yu Chen saw his own infinite care spoiled, and included a pair of Mouli without a trace of hypocrisy, it seems that those ine. Nfl Jerseys xplicable emotions can always easily be put down. "Want what" Asked Guan Yu Chen himself did not stand in front of the Ling Maimai reactions. Ling Maimai suddenly smiled, saying:. "Ah Chen, I found myself around into a dead end, some very simple question, but I was around the complex." "Oh" Guan Yu Chen to the interest, to lay down the file, the sound light Hey. "Nothing." Ling Maimai no longer continue. Ling Maimai then turned and walked out, but Guan Yu Chen mouth has brought back a faint smile. He seems to have the slightest kitten has changed, but this change is that he loved. - "Sister-in-law" Guan Nian Ji Houhou heart rushed over, only to see Ling Maimai immediately prodded. "Read the heart, good." Ling Maimai smile and nodded. "Sister-in-law, where are you going to die" Asked Guan heart read, "If go shopping, then I will go with a chant." Then she did not forget against Lingmai Mai blinked. "Well." Ling Maimai not refuse. "I give my unborn nephew or niece to buy things, hehe." Guan Ling Maimai read the heart and so chatted up. Phoenix leniency from out of the elevator just to see this scene, she picked up slightly under the brow, then shook his head, than the ratio off Yu Chen's office, spoke up. "Read the heart, you do not wa

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