The difference between wood flooring and flooring

The difference between wood flooring and flooring

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Although solid wood flooring and laminate flooring with a floor covering but its production process and product specifications, relevant national standards are not the same, but also through the floor itself can also be very significant feature a distinction, but also the business in order to sell their products are doing for their product promotion, wood said disadvantage complex, <a href="">replacement slats for wooden benches</a> composite and saying shortcomings of solid wood, we how many will be confused, and general media has no professional staff to statistical information, so currently on the floor is a good wood or composite has been in a good debate, but also has been deep into some problems after installation of the floor. Because consumers do not understand the issues belong to the lack of professional party information, and only go with the flow, what is popular on the pavement what, I think this is what most consumers think. In fact, for the ground trim choices according to their own preferences, their habits, their level of consumption, the views of the designer to determine the choice of which floor. 1. With regard to the controversy bagging floor due to the production of raw materials, the future will inevitably damp deformation, and thus the national standard wet floor in there this expansion coefficient. However, solid wood flooring is reflected in the floor dry, laminate flooring for the tracks bending strength. Solid wood floor bagging Another reason is that the degree of drying keel keel if the quality is not good will seriously affect the use of solid wood flooring, solid wood flooring so bagging is not necessarily the reason of the floor, the choice of accessories is also important. Parquet floor bagging the one hand, the problem of the substrate, on the one hand is the reason for the effect of water during routine maintenance when due. If no human factors bagging, and that is the quality of the floor. As for the expansion joint problem, no matter what the floor will need to be reserved, which is a provision within the industry, even if the customer is not required to stay, why must also keep the customer left, <a href="">wpc deck wholesale cheap</a> I do not think anyone knows without leaving joints occur after what the consequences are also asked not to leave expansion joints. Why flooring industry mostly uses one year of free maintenance service, because the rear floor coverings after experiencing four seasons climate change, it is rarely a problem. 2, the wear on the controversy. Personal feeling of solid wood flooring should not do too much publicity on the wear, if wear or laminate flooring. Because most of the wood floor surface uv paint, piano and other leaching paint, uv paint most of which to wear, but also with parquet wood floors are also attached to the surface but almost aluminum oxide (multi-layer parquet more), and strengthen the floor surface are aluminum oxide wear layer, the national standard for the 6,000 rpm to 20,000 rpm or more, but a bit superfluous. Household and laminate flooring does not need to be too high, <a href="">cheap vinyl railing mexico</a> generally high wear-resistant floor coverings in commercial and sports venues. Floor edge to fracture problem, laminate flooring is a need for attention to the problem, but does not affect the performance of laminate flooring itself, why is prone to this problem because laminate flooring surface of aluminum oxide features, although it wear but the texture is more brittle, a slight bump will be off angle, this is only for the purposes of monolithic floor. Floor coverings completely finished, because the height difference is almost non-existent, so the installation is generally not off angle, but also to avoid using sharp knock something hit the floor surface. This wear and the floor are two different concepts, so a simple fracture to the floor edge to wear it is a conditional statement is not very scientific. But we can not put "cocoon" qigong to describe the floor, although the idea is very good, <a href="">how to build deck from fence panel malta</a> but too exaggerated. 3, on the maintenance of the dispute. Maintenance of solid wood flooring is more bother, of course, high-grade flooring needs careful care, and now the price of some parquet flooring is more expensive than wood, of course, we have to take some more care and heart, but also need to strengthen the floor maintenance, but is still relatively easy, usually with no dripping mop drag click on it. 4, on the water dispute. This I do not want to do too much to explain, after the water floor will certainly be deformed, better flooring may restore the original, but most of the floor will be deformed. You can soak a piece of the floor drain, heat and cook certainly rarely deformed, but in case the floor out of it, if the length of the floor and back to a standard it? With a good basis mosaic floor it? Who can guarantee that no deformation 5, on the environmental controversy. Concept of environmental protection is now involved in a wide range (say in general terms). Laminate flooring environmental protection is reflected in two aspects, one is the raw material for the floor substrate crash pulverized material, this growth accelerated material is very fast, in a few years period (specifically I do not know much about, because Express timber in the country are using new energy sources), does not affect forest resources. On the one hand is the role of the emission of formaldehyde, formaldehyde in the production of laminate flooring plays the agent, so Formaldehyde is essential raw materials, and therefore would have a national standard. Formaldehyde is not too little, then the better influence the stability of the substrate, not too much, too much harm to the human body. In the national standard 1.5ml / L of the floor can be assured use. Parquet comprises three layers and multi-layer parquet, the same as the national standard and laminate flooring. Because wood flooring formaldehyde emission is almost zero, so in the human body for more environmentally friendly, but the raw materials are wood, so the environmental resources are not environmentally friendly. 6, on the price of the dispute was in class home, something different compared to the price of course is not the same as the price reflects the quality but relatively the same kinds of products, for example: we can not take the human bicycle in terms of price to and electric bikes Compare right? 7, the floor of the range currently in Europe, the trend is indeed laminate flooring, solid wood flooring is an alternative reason for many reasons, from the lack of resources, to the floor surface of the pavement effect, wear use, maintenance aspects. If a product is not to promote, how to get the market? Can only say that this is a trend, not the wife or the floor do little to promote their own brand, as representatives of the Association to speak out, what's the point now is the market decide everything, the market demand is not here, on behalf of a few words can reverse the situation it? Yesterday I saw "flying" hair - solid wood flooring and laminate flooring distinction of this post, there are some different ideas, so leave his post as compared to some of their own views, not the place I would like him criticism! Need to tell you that the current classification of wood flooring: wood flooring including solid wood flooring, laminate wood flooring (including parquet flooring, laminate flooring). Laminate flooring can not be defined solely as the only laminate flooring, including parquet, I hope you remember this concept!
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