Solid wood flooring environmental health

Solid wood flooring environmental health

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Solid wood flooring business rose 10% pushing, pushing laminate flooring laminate flooring business, <a href="">how to build exterior stairs with composite lumber</a> environmental health high E0 grade flooring Currently, wood raw materials rose one after another. Data show that: the current purchase price of raw materials over the first half floating floor per square meter of about 10 yuan more than last year's increase, about 30-40 yuan. Since the time when fitting season, after another rise in raw materials will reach the floor manufacturer's bottom line, how stable even Zhang Tuo market to ensure profit point at the same time? Or profit promotional price is adjusted in order to win, or sword easy road to open up new markets? Laminate flooring cheap promotional Looking at recent trends in the flooring industry in Shenzhen, the biggest hot spot than the Pro-second session of the brand floor section set off "E0 healthy home Tornado", three stores over 200 brands in more than 60 special offers wooden floors, and will be postponed to September 30 deadline, its promotion efforts just as much as the earlier devaluation of the B & Q "floor Festival". Overall more than 40% wood floor price reduced by 10% -20%, the actual sales price is 20% lower than the market price; Coincidentally, the family live together also introduced the same period up to 6 fold the audience floor promotions. In the chaos of the price surge, consumers can easily find the vast majority of products for the price of laminate flooring, solid wood flooring, or flooring products are seldom involved in the high-end, even if there are only two <a href="">waste plastic house hold suppliers in dubai</a> or three for each brand. In fact, there is a business pointed out that the raw material prices, the market's major brands of solid wood flooring prices rose nearly 10%, mainly in Rosewood, Hardwood other high-grade wood species. Shortage of timber resources of raw materials prices, "the raw materials continued to rise nearly six months, so many businesses have to stick to the bottom line price of solid wood flooring prices will slightly increase slightly." Shenzhen-Hong-resistant flooring sales director Jin Yue Xi told reporters. Factors It is understood that in November 2004, South America, Indonesia and other restrictions due to <a href="">synthetic teak deck pontoon boat flooring</a> shortage of timber resources exports, in January 2005, the Indian Ocean tsunami major importer of timber from Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, etc., plus shipping crude oil prices and other such up to July this year, in August, prices of raw materials over last year rose nearly 40 yuan per square meter, which is no doubt for the average price <a href="">cheapest way to build patio</a> of 200-300 yuan / square meter of solid wood floor price system formed great impact. As a result, most businesses in the adjustment of the price of solid wood flooring the same time, to avoid the shrinking market, the impact of falling profits, pushing laminate flooring environmental health or emphasize high-level E0 floor, in order to achieve the overall objective of profit. In Dekor, blessing people, macro-resistant, Diamond Berlin line represented flooring brands have focused on the promotion E0 class environmental flooring, the market price of 150 yuan. Manufacturers, building materials Square linkage promotion assistant general manager of Shenzhen Fook floor area Yao Jian said in an interview with reporters, the significance lies not only low-cost promotional products puerile, and with E0 grade wood flooring promotion, deeper the idea is borrowed from high-quality products, low-cost promotion, so that more consumers to experience the true quality of Furen floor. Not difficult to see from their discourse, the business value of social promotion effect brought about, and thus increase the share of the market. Similarly, Proactive launched the "buy wood flooring send star service", in addition to special promotions, but also work hard from the service, such as purchase of the floor, the floor can enjoy free maintenance, receive household items and enjoy the HSE free testing and other projects. Obviously, flooring manufacturers, distributors, building materials stores began to select, targeted linkage promotion, to increase market share, guide consumption trend, pushing this strategy in the three joint initiatives to give the floor E0 interpretation.
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