Autumn drying menacing how good care of wooden floors!

Autumn drying menacing how good care of wooden floors!

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Just Puwan summer wood floors, taking into account the fall will be dry, so he left a good fit of the gap, just did not expect autumn week window where a bit cracked. To blame us as soon as possible scattered taste, a window open all day, every day the sun edges, there is a little cracked. Pace of the fall is really too fast, Corrosion Resistant synthetic boat decking yet not hot last week, this week has been drying hands and feet, constantly drink. Similarly burdened by climate there home floor, the summer heat is over, dry autumn will lead to deformation and cracking of the floor, had spent a considerable price to buy, can not be in vain bad, and quickly repair conservation up!
Wet rag moisturizing typically cracking deformation of solid wood flooring, because it is made from natural materials, dry weather because its internal wood fibers and loss of moisture, UV resistant balcony raliing which can lead to low moisture content of wood flooring, wood fiber boards such shrinkage cracking seams increases. This can be used when a wet rag to alleviate the contraction of wood fibers, wood will not worry about flood damage, as long as not dripping wet rag screwed into the state a week to wipe the floor two or three times. If you think this method is too much trouble, you can also use a humidifier to increase the indoor humidity is usually maintained at 50% -70% better. Avoid direct sunlight. The autumn dries, although not direct sunlight intensity, in excess, prolonged exposure, the floor will be fading, cracking problem, so the sun more powerful when to draw the curtains, isolated sun.
If you really want to enjoy the warm sun of autumn, the floor on one side can be at home near a window covered with carpet or other decorative display screen, to avoid direct sunlight. Dust cleaning. Autumn Droughts dust increased, due to the shrinkage of wood, the dust will be stuck in the cracks in the floor,Environmentally friendly composite decking board if you accidentally encounter dripping, will accumulate in the gap, a long time will form stubborn stains . In addition to daily cleaning, but also pay attention to the door and so often stepped on, for example, will often lead to the entrance of the house dust, rain, so the entrance door to a carpet shop, to prevent dust from the card slot.
Waxing maintenance. Home some heavy furniture in the autumn it is best to move about the location, because the fall of the floor moisture content low, easy to shrinkage, if the pressure of heavy furniture, appliances, flooring will not function properly stretch, resulting in floor indentation, damage. When it comes to floor care,Natural appearance of wood composite decking boards we must not forget the wax polish. To sweep the floor dust, damp cloth and then wipe it again, and then coated with a layer of floor wax on the surface with a soft, dry cloth to help spread so smooth and shiny wooden floors.
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