Great Yue Expressway Project Construction

Great Yue Expressway Project Construction

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Large tenders made model for the establishment of large-scale centralized specialization and standardization of field regions may be provided, which is a large high-speed Yue project needs, and with the building of a large field area capacity of the enterprise is bound to have greater strength, this ensures that the bidding companies have come this "diamond."

Hunan Road and Bridge Dayue 16 standard, for example, the site of tenders standardized field area, covering nearly 90 acres, its steel processing plant covers an area of ??7.5 acres, the center is equipped with CNC bending, steel rolling machine, CNC machining equipment, Hunan Province one of the largest steel processing field; precast beam field covers an area of ??52.5 acres, a total of precast box girder 2009, production capacity of six per day; concrete mixing field covers an area of ??20 acres, is a collection of modern, automated, concrete mixing field high efficiency, environmentally friendly; centralized management of office and living area covers an area of ??10 acres, office buildings, conference rooms, laboratories, staff living quarters.

Meanwhile, in order to ensure safe and efficient operation of the field area, 16 labeled managers also focus on strengthening the supervision of the field area. Its three games a total area of ??23 cameras arranged on the precast yard, field mixing, steel plants and experimental zones to be monitored. But also through mobile phones, PC clients, and the company's website Dayue remote video monitoring. By round monitoring the situation to the scene full-field area real-time control to ensure the safe and orderly and efficient production process. At the scene, the reporter saw the entire field area is busy but not chaotic, shuttle workers to come and go smoothly, construction and orderly.

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