Chinese manufacturing floor

Chinese manufacturing floor

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Anyone else who big According to industry association statistics, the Chinese wood flooring manufacturers are about 1500-2000 homes, slightly scale are hundreds, it is "500 Ocean" she said. After 10 years of development, best states manufacturer of wood plastic the market has undergone tremendous changes, especially the last couple of years more than the regulation of global shortage of timber resources, the property market policies, the state wood floor specification, the increasingly rational consumers, fierce competition in the industry so that from the past dysfunction disputes "Warring States" and enter the "Three Kingdoms" today has been completed to carve up a large proportion of market share among the few brands. As China's rise up the floor, how much does a pool deck cost it was the first in the national press 4S (Sales standardized sales floor, Supply standardized parts supply, Service standardization of customer service, Source standardization of customer resources) to build manufacturer marketing outlets. At the same time, for many years of sales in the Power Dekor also started from the second half of 2004 to conduct "big store building." This is also the biggest benefit could "focus on improving trade barriers." According Dekor CEO Wengshao Bin introduction, "10 years ago, including Dekor had in the Beijing Building Materials Trade Building started it twenty square meters of exhibition. Get hold backdrop, put forward a reception desk, then there are exhibition stand, swing Zhang small table and a few chairs, even opened. the reason is very simple, it can also be a rival school, but also eager to learn, most spend thousands of dollars on the shop, leading to a series of questions --- low cost to build stores, low level of competition, lower service levels, since these low competition fiercer than ever there is a large terminal "brand:." modular "highlights the drawbacks Recognizing the value of this industry, the rise of the floor since the beginning of 2003 4S shop layout . The iconostasis from the second half of 2004 to consider the establishment of Power Dekor 4S marketing center, advantages and disadvantages of panel with decorative opening and started operating in Yantai, Shandong Province and Chengdu, Sichuan. Chengdu sheep west line of the East Gate Street, one of the giants in the field of solid wood flooring Hong floor, not long ago would a bank office next door to eat, so that in one fell swoop to enlarge the store, recently being massive construction projects, pay close attention to interior decoration. And also located in this street, another giant Chint floor wood floors, across the street is trying to open a new "brand discount", according to local conditions to expand the site. Obviously, the major brands including Nature, Shun, Fuson wood floors, etc., synthetic marine handrails are reluctant in the eyes of the market and consumers "was stingy." Nearly 10 wood flooring national brand in the market in Chengdu this "big shop of war", which means the wood floor in the second half of this year to compete for the brand value of a new round of war already opened the curtain. With the arrival of September this year sales season, the market structure evolution of what will happen remains to be further attention.
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