Distinctive to moving furniture

Distinctive to moving furniture

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<p>Popular solid wood furniture, mainly to meet the people return to natural psychological, it's authentic, so many people can not let go, whether antique Chinese furniture, or a luxurious European-style antique furniture, solid wood furniture can be called furniture in Need. Solid wood furniture but also has its fatal flaw, the most important is the moisture content changes to make it easy to deform, especially need to be careful care, for example, can not let the sunlight, not too cold or giant hot, too dry and humid environment of solid wood furniture It is not appropriate.</p>

<p>If you do not pay attention when in use, resulting in frequent switching air conditioning temperature and humidity is too large, even a qualified solid wood furniture sometimes deformed, cracking phenomenon. In addition, the combination of solid wood furniture components usually tenon structure and adhesives, finished generally can not be removed, it is inconvenient to move. If they are not strict manufacturer, it is very easy to make low-quality wood furniture into the consumer's home.</p>

<p>Furniture popular mainly because it has a variety of veneers, can give a variety of different color and texture of experience. Another characteristic of the furniture is not easily deformed features. It can be said furniture in the exterior design changes more and more personal. Furniture combination of a variety of commonly used metal hardware, assembly and disassembly are very convenient, high-precision machining of furniture can dismantle the installation.</p>

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