Floor Cleaning Tips

Floor Cleaning Tips

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1. eradicate ground oil

Pour a little vinegar and rub on the mop, the oil can be removed on the ground. If the oil is difficult to remove on the concrete floor, the day before the night can get some dry ash with water into a paste, and then rinsed repeatedly with water, cement floor can be radically altered.

2. Eradication stove oil

After the liquefied petroleum gas stove oil stains, it can be coated on the sticky rice cooker, rice soup until dry, iron sheet scuffing, oil will be removed along with rice soup. As with the more dilute rice soup, soup direct cleaning, or mullet bones clean, good effect.

3. Eradication glass oil

Available alkaline cleanser to scrub, then with sodium hydroxide or dilute ammonia solution was coated on a glass, half an hour later with a cloth to scrub, clean glass becomes bright.

4. Finishing detergent

When the appearance of the kitchen floor lay a layer of greasy oil, it is possible to organize with detergent, first floor sprinkle some dry detergent, then you want a little rag in water, do not twist too dry, then sprinkle various places on the floor detergent wipes, laundry detergent to make the oil penetrate into the inside, wait five minutes, then wash with water to clean cloth wrung then wipe clean the oil can.

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