How To Select Floors Material

How To Select Floors Material

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We choose the ground floor when the material must first clear indoors or outdoors, different environments coverage is not the same as the outdoor temperature and humidity is relatively poor. Although there are certain plastic floor waterproof, but only living water.
Sports venues ground floor material for several key parameters is relatively high: 1 force, 2 standard deformation, deformation control 3, 4 resilience, sliding 5, 6 rolling load indicators. Class ergonomics irregular shaped floor surface texture arc edge design, the sliding coefficient of the best value, so that athletes have better activity to start, frog jumping, sliding, braking, and other professional and technical violent action provide highly explosive elastic dynamic structure. The more common sports venues indoor tennis courts, badminton courts, basketball, tennis, handball, volleyball, gymnasium and other multi-functional venues.

Business focuses on a floor material abrasion resistance, stain resistance 2, 3 anti-bacterial, easy to clean 4 properties. The main requirement in large local traffic showed a high wear resistance. Anti-wear and corrosion resistance. Surface durable, easy maintenance to save money in the long count, the most cost-effective. Laying quick and easy, soft, easy to operate. Dimensionally stable, Busu not crack. Uniform color inside and outside, enduring. Reduce noise, foot comfort. More common hospitals, commercial buildings, laboratories, factory workshop, station airport waiting room, hotel and so super.

Material EPDM outdoor ground floor, PU / silicon PU, acrylic, wood preservative, sports suspension assembly floor, and so on. Outdoor material focuses on pressure, impact resistance, high temperature resistance, high weather resistance, not afraid of the sun and heat, humidity and rain, snow and ice cold. More common for outdoor sports facilities, schools, parks and so on.

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