Flooring installation preparation

Flooring installation preparation

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1. Detection Ground Flatness: between the highest and lowest points within 2 meters high and low error should not exceed 3mm.

2. Test the moisture content of the ground: Common ground installation Floors moisture content requirement of 20% or less, the laying of geothermal systems installed in the ground floor before the moisture content requires controlled within 10%.

3. Check concealed underground engineering (eg: line pipes, water pipes, electric heating, plumbing, kitchen and bathroom with water and other office), whether there is water leakage, power is normal, and keep the floor clean.

4. floor mats must be dedicated grid floor before paving roofing membrane moisture, moisture-proof film thickness of about 2mm. When the pad shop, there are moisture-proof film is literally facing the long side aligned with each other and not overlap, lap paste tightly with adhesive stickers; four weeks against the wall baseboard location for an extended reservation 2cm neatly scribed to ensure that moisture film laid into place, forming a whole.

When installing geothermal floor, it must be parallel to the pavement 5. Heaters Heaters Heaters way stripe direction and intermediate heaters can not have more than 50mm intervals, intermittent use of heaters or floor bagging easily lead away from the seam.

6. Requests the pavement in front of the floor color, texture to be adjusted again after laying the effect of customer acceptance before paving.

7. room use electric heating or plumbing, covering the surface layer of cement must be opened to warm baked seven days before the floor pavement. Avoid excessive moisture due to the concrete floor, floor and furniture of life.

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