Management and maintenance of road construction equipment

Management and maintenance of road construction equipment

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With the further development of road construction technology, mechanical engineering is increasingly being applied to our road construction projects. Do road construction machinery management and maintenance directly related to the progress of road construction projects. Author with many years of experience in recent years, China's road construction business developed very rapidly, strengthen the research of road construction machinery inspection and maintenance is essential. The author combined with years of work experience, road construction machinery maintenance and repair have been studied, has important reference value.
Current Situation of road construction equipment
Mobility use. Reform of road construction machinery is mainly used for road construction, project bidding system, to make the project more mobile construction, only construction sites and construction workers live with strong liquidity, machinery and equipment along with the implementation of the project in motion.
Technical complex structure. Road Construction Equipment complex varieties, specifications and diverse, complicated technical architecture, including excavators, carrying machine, grinder, mixer, and some weight equipment, construction machinery, variety, complete specifications, mechanical selection, repair, maintenance and management relate to all areas of mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, computer, etc., it is highly technical.
Open operation to increase the difficulty of maintenance. Road construction machinery mainly used for road construction, road maintenance, snow removal and winter road, almost all outdoor work, poor working conditions, long-term sun and rain and other weather would cause serious erosion of mechanical equipment, maintenance of equipment to increase the difficulty ; in order to project quality and progress of the job guarantee, in the selection of machinery, be sure to choose a good reliability engineering machinery, to be able to timely repair the event of failure.
Construction machinery large investment. Engineering machinery purchases have a high amount of investment, a mechanical hundreds of thousands, hundreds of thousands to millions, or even tens of millions of machinery needs some investment and then later as a conversion to fixed assets, to be extracted depreciation, increasing the potential debt ratio of enterprises.
Factors affecting road construction equipment normal use
Irrational use of machinery
Certain mechanical life, if used properly, will be able to prolong the life of a certain period of time, but if unreasonable, will cause mechanical damage in advance. Mechanical irrational use mainly include the following aspects.
Poor working environment. Mechanical work in dusty harsh environment, can cause serious wear and tear, or the degree of increased wear of piston pair, injectors, crank watts, track, tire traveling mechanism.
Not in accordance with standard operating procedures machinery, continuous use of mechanical overload, mechanical damage is most severe.
Not timely maintenance, replacement of various filters is not timely, or even completely unload the filter on the machine using the security threat.
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