fired product storage

fired product storage

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<p>Usually once firing, firing temperature is about 1200 ℃. Remove the product from the tunnel kiln (or intermittent kiln) kiln car. The fired product storage, waiting for inspection. Product testing has been fired, the qualified products into the warehouse. Lattice products that do not carry out classification. Waste by crushing, grinding ceramic powder made by a certain price of pressure treated tongue and groove porch lumber boards percentage incorporation of blanks to be used. On a small defective products need to re-burn, re-burn, re-examination. And a firing of the kiln by burning the heavy goods, including minor defects, after polishing, sent to storage.</p><p> Reheating after qualifying products sent to the warehouse, stacked. package. In the modern sanitary ceramics factory, the products from slip casting to finished product storage, you can only use two to three days time: that Monday morning grouting, repair blank afternoon, Tuesday morning after drying and repair blank, blank check , glazing and Wood Plastic Composite Shuttering Price firing into the kiln, a kiln and quality inspection on Wednesday. But in the actual production of the general average of a week's time. This is because: Under normal circumstances, take one to two days drying time.</p><p> The efficiency of the workshop is inconsistent. We need to store large quantities of billets and green body, to meet the slip casting (about 5 to 6 days) and once-fired tunnel kiln (sometimes up to 7 days) use. At this stage the largest amount of storage blank, and the body most likely to be damaged, especially in the glaze of glazed blank susceptible to contamination. Reheating. In most plants, the amount of intermediate storage blank process takes a minimum value of the actual demand. The main reasons are: Space saving: reduce plastic wood decking for pool perth the amount of labor workers, is about to come in green body storage, handling sigh out; to reduce the loss of the body, because the body is raised, down an average loss rate of 1%, in addition to some risks It will appear during firing out; defects in grouting and glazing, there are many to become apparent until the firing.</p>
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