Resilient floor coverings and accessories species action

Resilient floor coverings and accessories species action

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In the process of floor coverings, paving materials is very important accessories. And different paving the way need to use the materials vary. We want to resilient floor coverings effect, it is necessary to understand the types of paving materials and function.

Today, when we conduct floor renovation, floor coverings need to pay attention to the need to use paving materials. So resilient floor coverings accessories species are what it? What is the role of paving materials it?

Floor coverings methods are more different materials floor coverings required when selecting the most suitable paving the way, and different materials used in paving the way need is not the same.

As pvc resilient flooring and rubber floor coverings need to use the main accessories are: non-slip stairs, Zhihua, stairs wrap angle side of the package, crash for a corner, pvc floor wire rod, polymer plastic baseboard, soft texture foot line, Shell Nosing floor on the wall, the pressure trim, self-leveling cement.

1, pvc floor wire:

Various types of wire are using hot-melt welding seams. In fusion welding the cracks in the floor to create a cleaning effect to prevent water and dust into joints, and prevent the growth of bacteria. Make wire and ground material may emphasize coordinated joint effect, trim and parquet.

2, self-leveling cement:

At low water-cement ratio, without vibration make grout, mortar or concrete reaches a predetermined strength and density of special cement. Self-leveling cement is a high technology content, technical aspects of complex high-tech green products. It is dry blended powdery material from a variety of active ingredients, you can use the on-site mixed with water. After a little scraper to expand, you can get a high level base. Curing speed, construction of fast, simple and traditional artificial leveling unmatched. Safety, environmental protection, beautiful, fast construction and put into use is self-leveling cement characteristics. It is a program to enhance the construction of civilization, to create high-quality and comfortable flat space, paving diversification Peugeot finishes material, so that life adds brilliant color.

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