larger products

larger products

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<p>Some larger products, such as the kitchen sink, double washbasin, industrial and hospital use some special products are generally higher porosity of clay products. They compared with sanitary ceramics, the firing temperature is low, not deformed. By improving the blank (such as particle size was added to the clinker, brick waste residue) and glazes, in order to generate outdoor floor covering for playset similar sanitary ceramics glaze surface. The body requires a smaller water swelling, and within the scope of control, but requires a large glazed surface pre-stress to resist when you use crack. This type of product because of its greater porosity can not be referred to as sanitary ceramics.</p><p> Modern sanitary ceramics production plants generally use the following process: model and sub-block mold making, test, modify and re-test. With the edited block mold making mother die. Plaster production molds and dried. Blank pulp production: fine particles of clay, coarse clay, joined by no slip treads for trex decking grinding off the quartz powder, flux, flux, and water, coagulant solution directly mixed to form with the mud grouting. </p><p>Mud sifting, stale, adjusted. Slurry injection mold, mud plaster absorbed the water was forming. The excess slurry was discharged, and the rest in the mud hardened plaster mold. Release. Repair blanks. Dried to a white hard state. Again repair blank, blank wipe exotic wood panels with sponge to make it smooth. Storage body. Blank blank inspector to be carefully examined to identify the bad, deformation of the body. Glaze production, testing, storage, additive and sieved. Before glazing, throwing, glaze preparation. Green glaze. Storage for firing semi-finished (enough for one week of production used). The product loaded kiln car into the tunnel kiln (or intermittent kilns) within the firing.</p>
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