Solid wood flooring scratch repair floor no longer allow &qu

Solid wood flooring scratch repair floor no longer allow &qu

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<p>Now its solid wood flooring foot feeling good, long life, pristine, noble and other advantages more and more sought after by the owners. However, how to maintain the solid wood flooring, how to fix it after the scratches? Together to learn from it. Solid wood flooring Guidebooks: 1, the ground wet ground, especially on the first floor, basement, you need to shop before the wooden floor, good grass-roots waterproof layer, laying, sheet preferably prior brushed waterproof coating. 2, accidentally oil dripping onto the floor immediately with a rag or paper quickly erased, not in time, will produce oil and color and so on. </p>

<p>Use cleaning agents, water carefully wipe satisfied, then waxing. 3, autumn and winter to increase the indoor air humidity, use humidifier in the room air humidity is maintained at 50% -70%. 4, moving furniture should not be directly on the floor sliding, should move and lift gently. Often moving furniture can be glued to a layer of rubber on the bottom. 5. If the outdoor humidity is greater than the indoor humidity, can shut doors and windows to keep low indoor humidity, outdoor humidity is less than if the indoor humidity, you can open the doors and windows to reduce indoor humidity. Experiencing hot and humid weather, you can open the air-conditioning or fan. 6, if inadvertent flooding a large area or partially immersed in water for a long time, if out of water retention should be dry with a dry cloth and let it dry naturally, do not use electric drying or sun exposure. 7, the installation must be in place within 15 days of stay, do not live as long, must maintain the indoor air circulation, avoid wooden floor cracked and aging in advance</p>

<p>. Can not be covered with plastic or newspaper paper, in order to avoid long film surface tacky and dull. 8, using a damp cloth to clean up, remember not too much humidity to avoid moisture from the hidden crevices, increased wood humidity. 9, corrosive liquid, strongly acidic and strong alkaline substances, such as toilet Ling, kitchen degreasers are not enough, the high temperature liquid or object is to prohibit the direct placement in the wood floor surface, so as not to damage the surface. Of course, agents spread out in time and remember to clean. 10, some of the more sharp feet, especially heavy objects, ban placed directly on the wooden floor surface to avoid scratches, damage the wood floor surface, leading to shortened life of wood flooring. When placing heavy objects, should be set aside, because it allows free movement of the other side of the floor, it will not lead to wooden floors bagging. Bedding plate protection is also necessary. When the wood floor was accidentally scratched up to how to deal with it and repair program:? Painted in brown or scratches at light-colored leather oil, the oil must be color leather on the door of the most light-colored paint is similar, with a dry cloth and then rub along the grain direction, until the color of wood covered with scratches depth, then waxing, polishing can. </p>

<p>Option Two: use old newspapers crushed into confetti, plus alum watered mash, fill in the pocket, dry polished smooth with fine sandpaper, paint brush floor covering, and then wax polish can be. Option Three: If the wood floor is deep scratches, use professional equipment grinding technology with the construction of Germany's crude through fine, multi-channel processes old worn floor paint scratches. Honed with fine wood putty full tune up big scratch on the floor joints. Cleaning and polishing the floor after brushing professional floor paint. There is no point learning to solid wood floor maintenance knowledge? Xiao Bian think after that we should look at the scratches on the floor in shades of its re-rip discretion.</p>

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