Ready to storm the regional wood flooring market

Ready to storm the regional wood flooring market

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For the first time introduced to the Chinese laminate flooring. And now ten years later, <a href="">outdoor hard surface ideas</a> China's wood floor to strengthen the production value has reached several hundred million yuan. Germany Krono Wood Group as the president of China (hereinafter referred to as Krono China), Peng Hongbin said with deep feeling: wood floor, there are a lot of opportunities, but in different ways to seize the opportunity, seize the opportunity of the results will be different, in before market opportunities, but also requires a certain strategy and skill. Bi Ming ready to storm the regional market in the flooring industry battles for many years, was the Hongta Group's wood flooring business distributor of Shandong, Shandong sales in 2004, he was 600 thousand square meters, half of Hongta floor propped up sales in the country . Peng Hongbin this year launched the "Rhine sunshine" Bi Ming Peng in Beijing found that they would "change the flag Banner" to join the "Rhine sunshine." According to reports, <a href="">timber decking philippines supplier</a> at present, "Rhine Sunshine" has been sold in Shandong ranked the top three agents. Laminate flooring optimistic outlook in the current China's wood floor, Dekor can be said is the first brand, but its market share is still less than 8%, which in fact is indicative of the industry brand concentration is not high, the market is still not an absolute first. Therefore, Krono China marketing director Yang Zhiming believes that this current situation provides an excellent opportunity to catch up with the industry's enterprises. People connect Head & Shoulders, dandruff will think, which shows the brand's position is very clear. But in the flooring industry, positioning is very clear example of this rare, that there is not a brand to give consumers impressed. Yang Zhiming said Krono launch of the "Rhine sunshine" brand is to see this market gap, proposed a "floor exercise to help you," the product positioning. For laminate flooring, the other good news is: solid wood flooring due to the problem of shortage of raw materials, prices go up significantly, <a href="">indoor outdoor non slip tile flooring</a> this is bound to give the laminate flooring market with greater room for development. In addition, the real estate market despite the impact of macro-control, but the second tier cities affected is relatively small, coupled with urbanization in rural areas to speed up the move to strengthen market prospects flooring is more and more people in the industry good. According to Yang Zhiming introduced, although their market focus is still a city, <a href="">thermal coefficient of expansion of wpc</a> but the center of gravity to the second and third tier cities sink.
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