Our wooden furniture, two errors

Our wooden furniture, two errors

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Now on the market most of the furniture and wooden furniture, but many still remain friends for the wooden furniture in solid wood furniture, wooden furniture, in fact, is still divided into many types. In this paper, we address this topic is to be introduced, so that you have a correct understanding in life.
Meaning solid wood: Myth
Many customers see a product in the furniture store, the first thing is to ask is not solid wood, and heard no answer, and walked away. In fact, this is their lack of understanding of modern furniture's sake.
Traditional solid wood furniture with corresponding modern furniture, artificial board is centered. The most commonly used MDF, it is a wood fiber or other plant fiber as raw material, resin, adhesive, and then Edge, veneer. Thus, solid wood edge, veneer furniture is the highest level of practice, even senior European imports of furniture as well. Solid wood is generally used only in local position of wood, Edge and so on. On the other hand, whether traditional or modern furniture, furniture, wood used for its factor materials, textures, and other resources, has obvious high, medium and low-grade division. Low-grade wood, and its value is not as high-grade veneer. In particular, many middle and low wood, due to dehydration, but related reasons (wood furniture usually require kiln drying, the relative moisture content of 10% -12% or less), made after the furniture, deformation and burst a great opportunity. The high-grade solid wood furniture is often expensive.
In short, the biggest advantage is that the plate is generally better than the mechanical properties of wood. The reason why Chinese consumers favor of solid wood, it is not entirely wrong, because real furniture in pollution components, namely the so-called "non-formaldehyde is not a board", there is no formaldehyde board impossible. Objectively speaking, from the "green room" point of view, VOC content far below the solid wood plate. From "global environmental protection", the sheet metal to a certain extent, ease the strain on the resources, contribute to sustainable development.
Myth: solid wood, veneer and stickers confusion
Modern wood furniture development has been the formation of a variety of styles, variety complete grade complete large market. Diversified markets in rich selection, but also derive quite a mixed bag, good and bad is difficult to distinguish the problem.
Wood used for materials less furniture components, wood and precious wood is rarely used. Such as wood chairs are more common, but is generally high-grade imported beech, mid-range furniture is often used to sneak maple, birch, beech-made, had to prevent.
Many modern furniture decorative materials, including veneer and stickers are very popular, but the quality is completely different. Rich natural texture veneer furniture, beautiful and durable, but the price is relatively high, and stickers furniture easy to wear, afraid of the water, bear the collision, but the low prices, are popular products. Some wear small, not near water species are also stickers furniture based, such as shoe racks, bookcases and so on.
In the furniture mall often see marked as "walnut cabinet", "cherry coffee table", "beech chairs" and the instructions on the timber of the price tag. At this time, to figure out is solid wood, veneer or stickers, it is very critical. Solid wood, veneer can be called "cherry wood furniture," but the stickers can only be called "cherry wood furniture," otherwise in the case of the fish move.
Solid wood - wood, wood ray (if manifests itself in "needle") is clearly visible, more or less should have some natural flaws (knots, wood spots, black lines). The same piece of wood, whether it is wood or wood and its two interface grain should be apparent natural convergence longitudinal section and cross section.

Veneer - wood, wood ray clear. The same should be natural flaws. Veneer because there is a certain thickness (about 0.5mm), met two adjacent interface of the production of furniture, usually do not turn, but a piece of the paste, so grain should not normally be two interface adapter.
Stickers - wood, wood rays clearly visible, even imported fine paper, even wood defects can also copy, but with natural veneer or differ. Sticker in the corner office furniture easy surprising flaws. Also due to the thickness of the wood grain paper is small (0.08mm), at the junction of two planes directly over the package, causing grain two interfaces are in contact (usually longitudinal section).
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