Production of solid wood flooring rational use

Production of solid wood flooring rational use

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As a renewable resource, forest resources and in the case of oil, coal, minerals and other nonrenewable different. Early domestic production of solid wood flooring timber, substantially all imports from Southeast Asia, small wood species, but the number is not small, a single mode of supply resulting in local over-exploitation of forest resources. Now, Africa, South America, Eastern Europe and other countries with large forest resources to be developed, but also toward the purchase of wood supply channels in more than 100 countries around the world, more than 100 wood species diversified development category.

Thus, the global supply of timber resources fully meet consumer demand. Meanwhile, the forest resources and rational development and utilization, both to improve people's living standards, but also on the natural harmonious ecological environment, the development of scientific necessity-driven, cyclical nature need metabolism.

If forest resources are not appropriate and reasonable exploitation, it often leads to forest fires, wood rot, mildew caused by water pollution and other natural disasters. Therefore, we should be based on environmental health, and life demands harmony with nature, the use of scientific and technological innovation to continuously enrich and beautify people's home environment, and the development of forest resources through scientific and reasonable to avoid the use of many unfavorable factors.

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