Shanghai flooring industry

Shanghai flooring industry

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Shanghai flooring industry Collectibles process into nirvana market share is climbing the Shanghai Building Materials Industry Association Flooring Committee in construction industry always adhere to the "Shanghai-made, internal wall cladding wood quality" strategy Singshih in the launch of "2005 Shanghai fine wood flooring 20 and Collectibles parquet 20 ", the flooring Committee recently also announced through the rigorous assessment of" 2005 Shanghai boutique laminate flooring 9 "to further improve the quality strategy Shanghai flooring industry, but also foreshadowed Shanghai flooring industry entered a new period of bloom. According to statistics, in 2004, Shanghai solid wood flooring production of more than 20 million square meters, parquet over 300 million square meters of laminate flooring more than 22 million square meters, difference two rail fence the output value of more than 6 billion. Data show that laminate flooring with solid wood flooring, parquet floor together into mainstream decorating material. 49 Shanghai floor boutique brand launched, not only shows the Flooring Committee and a corporate integrity services for consumers determination, but also to strengthen self-discipline throughout the flooring industry, further established Shanghai floor leader position in the domestic industry, but also Shanghai foreshadowed the entire flooring industry entered a new stage of comprehensive development. Return to nature is the trend of world consumption of cultural development, which determines the natural resources production and management products industry will be focused; sustainable development is the trend of world economic development, privacy screen for decks outdoor which determines the bright future of the wood flooring industry; according to China modernization plan, to be completed in 2040 moderately developed countries, per capita housing standards to reach 80 square meters, with update requirements, in the meantime need to invest annually more than 10 billion square meters of floor coverings. In recent years, wood container supplier in malaysia the rapid development of the wood flooring industry and the rapid growth of the company SITA, have corroborated Mr. Jiang Changzheng above assertion.
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