Economic wooden structure

Economic wooden structure

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<p>Economic wooden structure, may also be reflected in the safety, construction and the like. Wood frame structure building is a rugged housing system has strong adaptability, on the one hand, although there is no building can be completely shock, but good seismic design can minimize the damage caused by the earthquake. Kobe, Japan, and the two cities in Bam, Iran, a mainly wooden structures, a brick and concrete building and land-based, loss days after the earthquake poles do not, is proof. Higher wood frame building strength, lighter weight, better toughness, all these features make it the best choice for earthquake house design. </p><p>On the other hand, there are wooden structures to withstand strong winds. The study found that even if the wind speed exceeds the expected norm, wood-frame houses can still have a good performance. Compared with the same area of ​​the now traditional style concrete building, a year building heating, air-conditioning electricity consumption in order to save about 25%. Detecting other items, the walls and roof truss system wood structure by structure of wood, sheet metal, cotton insulation and padding {HotTag} to test assessment indicates 150mm thick wooden walls, the insulation capabilities to 610mm thick brick, wood construction of concrete structures can be compared to energy savings of 50% to 70%. </p><p> In fact, the wooden structure in our country is no stranger. The historic wooden building after thousands of years, is still standing as before does not say, is to become the people's eyes art treasures. The new system of modern wood structure are foreign to China's growing need for housing construction to provide a practical, economical and energy-efficient housing choices, with traditional wooden architecture Brilliance. Although the popularity of view, because of different national conditions and people's living standard, pre-investment-timbered building is not necessarily the economic capacity to withstand the general population, but with the continuous improvement of living standards, more and more people will make acceptable.</p>
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