Road maintenance milling machine

Road maintenance milling machine

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In modern road traffic, more than 90 per cent of road asphalt pavement, road transport bear about 80%, so the quality of asphalt pavement directly affect the effectiveness of transport. According to statistics, China's current road system around 18000 Road conservation classes, often on the road conservation and restoration. In road maintenance work, the need to dig for damaged parts cut its workload accounted for more than half of the entire repair workload. Before the 1980s, such work is mostly done manually, time consuming, and it is difficult to ensure the quality of construction, especially in the harsh natural environment of places, such as: My Tibet, Qinghai and other places, it works hard to achieve the standards of road maintenance can not meet the development needs of modern transportation industry. After 80 years, our country began to use mostly asphalt pavement maintenance road milling machine, high efficiency of such equipment, convenient for road maintenance, and repair of high-quality road, so road milling machine has become a modern highway maintenance or is not available a lack of construction machinery. HD1000M type road milling machine overview:
HD1000M type road milling machine is suitable for urban road maintenance and small highway
Scale special maintenance equipment maintenance operation, the machine is running a four wheel drive system, with good mobility and passing ability. The device consists of: power system, travel system, rotor milling system, hydraulic system, control system. Dongfeng Cummins power system selected production 6CTA8.3-C215 diesel engine, low fuel consumption and reliable performance. Design and equipped with "automatic power distribution system," so that the whole power on demand, full play to the efficient use of engine power, improve the efficiency of the machine. Walking system consists of a variable pump drive four separate hydraulic motors and gear four-wheel drive means to provide reliable power walking, milling and walking speed can stepless from zero to maximum. Milling rotor system, equipped with a "quick-change" knife system that allows users to field maintenance easier, faster, and after the blade has an automatic "pressure" feature, according to the site need to adjust the scraper pressure, increase receipts effect, the rotor side hydraulic lift cylinder direct control, and automatic "under pressure" function, so that the base plate can be close to the road surface, ensuring accurate milling, pressure gauges with many points in the hydraulic system, the access of the system Real-time monitoring of pressure. HD1000M type road milling machine is different from the general road milling machine, it has a more advanced control system. It is equipped with the world's most advanced communication bus CAN-OPEN-based all-digital network control system. The system of the machine running, the automatic cutting depth such as the implementation of network control, high degree of automation, reliability, and has a self-diagnostic and alarm functions, ease of maintenance and operation.
Bridge Electromechanical Market
Development of milling machines
Early 1970s, Europe, America and Japan and other countries began to design and manufacture of road milling machines. The early 1980s, Japan and several other countries have been widely used road milling machine in road maintenance projects. Development of production of milling machines began in the 1980s, the main structure design, there are two: 1, the small and medium power traction installation of mechanical milling system constituted Compact cold milling machine is simple in structure, low cost for milling asphalt pavement moderate intensity or less; 2, self-propelled cold milling machine, with the rapid development of China's road maintenance machinery, China's self-developed self-propelled cold milling machine has been fully able to meet the domestic high-grade conservation requirements highways and municipal roads, good price compared with similar foreign products have certain advantages, but our product serialization, universal, standardized terms of supporting job is far behind the West, which requires our unremitting efforts .
With the deepening of reform and opening up, China's road machinery are gradually becoming more mature. The milling machine is one of one of the representatives. From the beginning of imitation, to learn from foreign advanced technology and experience of milling machine, to the independent research and development suited to their national conditions advanced milling machine, although the road twists and turns, but the results but also brilliant. Shaanxi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. production CM1000, CM2000 and Xi'an grand Transportation Technology Co., Ltd. of HD1000M, HD2000 type milling machine, all have full intellectual property rights, but also in the whole system, control system and software design and manufacturing technological aspects in the international advanced level.
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