WPC additive introduced

WPC additive introduced

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Wood-plastic composite material of plastics are thermosetting plastics and thermoplastics, which are polymers, their origin is more extensive production is also relatively easy. Where it commonly used in PVC doors and windows, covered plates and other locations, more stable than wood fiber properties.


Wood powder and plastic performance difference between the two is large, poor compatibility, so it needs a certain additives to increase the bond strength, while a variety of additives can be improved combination of mechanical properties of the composites. Conventional additives are:

Coupling agents, such as aluminum acetate, phenolphthalein esters, etc., can make a stronger adhesion between the plastic and wood powder, wood flour reduces the water absorption, the mechanical properties of the composites have to make greater improvement.

Plasticizers, viscosity requirements of some of the high hardness pvc, and wood composite powder is difficult, which you need to use a plasticizer to improve. At high temperatures, allowing both composite easier, more stable performance, the tensile strength of wood materials in line with the decline in the rate of increase in elongation at break.

Lubricants, in addition to wood and plastic composite powder easier additives, often also need to add a lubricant to make mobility and surface quality better melt extrusion products. Wherein the lubricant has some plasticizing effect to reduce friction; external lubricants can promote the sliding between the resins.

Colorants, the use of wood-plastic composite material prone to discoloration, in the role of the external environment, may also produce black spot, rust, so the need to use a coloring agent to make the production of wood-plastic composite material surface color stability.

Blowing agents, two kinds of composite materials reduces the ductility and impact resistance, limiting the range of. If you add a foaming agent, wood-plastic composite material can be improved impact resistance and ductility, and reduces the density.

Wood-plastic composite material production is not the external dissemination of harmful substances, the use of irritating gases will not be volatile, the material itself can also be recycled. This green decoration materials, the frequency of use in the home will be increasingly high.

The above is what WPC WPC additive ingredients and the knowledge of the presentation, I believe you should have looked after more understanding of it, is only for your reference, we hope to help.

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