Laminate flooring

Laminate flooring

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Laminate flooring laminate flooring wood flooring consumer has become the main force. From this point of view, it can also explain the breed indeed overcome its biggest shortcoming of solid wood flooring, and they can inherit in terms of color, durability, etc. and even carry forward the strengths of solid wood flooring, and certainly by the market consumers. <a href="">australian natural pool fence design</a> Strengthen the base of the wooden floor, the high-density boards. The boards do not support native species of trees, fast-growing plantation wood as a raw material can be. The wear-resistant flooring, beautiful, clean, easy to paving, easy care and maintenance, but also because of its high technology content, species diversity, very popular pursuit of fashion and individuality of modern people. But the many difficulties and obstacles in the development process is obvious, such as laminate flooring domestic market has always been a lack of good order, too corporate, product fierce price competition; stability prime plate supply quantity and quality have long It is one of the biggest obstacles to further strengthen the wooden floor of the development plans. And original, strong, authoritative market little-known brand products, as can be formed on the affect of international brands is negligible; R & D and innovation is to strengthen the weakest link in the flooring industry, patents have become the trend of laminate flooring key European and American developed countries; in the international arena, our laminate flooring repeated anti-dumping and other trade barriers; in the country, <a href="">list of composite vinyl deck manufacturers</a> an endless stream of fake and shoddy products. In short, laminate flooring quality to achieve leapfrog development, resources must be a great integration of a complete revolution. Even so, there has been a product of laminate flooring foot feeling stiff, noisy problems, are often a problem for consumers quite unhappy and very helpless. Parquet prospects as solid wood flooring, laminate flooring and parquet in the field of pavement material to form a "third world" pattern after it there is a significant change, it is the smallest market share of parquet hyperplasia of the magnitude of the market share is among the three fastest. Both are currently at an average rate of 7% and 10% annual increase, while parquet sales annually, while parquet sales rate was 25% per year. Experts predict that by 2005, compared with 2004, its growth rate may even reach 50%. Thus, there is every reason to believe that the next few years, parquet will maintain the trend of rapid development, but also have a broader space for development. So, parquet exactly what kind of advantages and characteristics, subject to market so popular and is expected home later on it? First, parquet As the name suggests, <a href="">engineered lumber fence pickets</a> its products combine solid wood flooring and laminate flooring strengths. Its base is a man-made plywood, wood criss-crossing in the next three, with soft and hard wood species, structure varies penetration, we can say the maximum extent overcome the natural wood and laminate flooring lack of internal stress and changes in autoregulation anisotropy defects. Balance and stability of the parquet floor are three types of the best, one-eighth of the deformation coefficient of solid wood flooring, which leads to deformation and not easily subject to seasonal changes in humidity, so than laminate flooring more amenable to wet test. Second, is the quality of the surface layer parquet hardwood slats specifications mosaic version, the core layer is soft hardwood slats, the bottom is peeling veneer. The combination of hard and soft wood, criss-cross arrangement enhances the elasticity after laying the floor, capable of generating natural wood is not the same sense of exposure, in particular, the foot feeling comfortable, effectively overcome the stiff feel of laminate flooring and noise. And because its surface is decorated using precious wood species performance is quite good, so beautiful decorative effect, natural, wood flooring and hall effect indistinguishable. Third, parquet pavement easy, but also easy to take care of maintenance, especially in the north, a thin multi-layer parquet is also well suited to hot for housing applications. Commendable that, despite the advantages of solid wood flooring and more, good performance, but its quality and market prices are relatively stable. Currently, the price of solid wood flooring is 150 yuan / square meters from top to bottom, it is suitable for the level of consumption of wage earners. Fourth, the starting point for the development of wood flooring, good foundation. Product quality has reached or exceeded similar products in Europe, China has formulated and promulgated the GBT18103 parquet quality standards, the level of its target with the European standards, or higher than the European. Fifth, the introduction of the original wood flooring is foreign advanced production lines, the scale of production capacity and considerable foreign, more than half of the products with a high concentration, the former domestic parquet production accounts for about 10 enterprise product production. Explain the industry overall combat capability, suitable for cultivating outstanding brands. <a href="">what is the cheapest balcony railing</a> In fact, solid wood flooring products Yihua, Italy, Jinqiao, nature, etc., have become internationally known brand. Sixth, parquet production materials, more than 75% of artificial fast growing forest trees, thus saving a lot of natural forest resources, in line with the international trend of environmental protection industrial policy and national sustainable development. The seven, wood flooring because of its environmental protection, energy saving, high-quality, decorative and strong, easy maintenance, moderate price advantages and market development faster and faster, a promising future. Not only the most competitive in the country, but also in the international market, the domestic wood flooring also has great room for development. In summary, the development of parquet, very suitable for China's national conditions. The substrate with the rapid development of national plywood industry, and the emergence of people's consumption of hot spots to promote this product in the future will result in more rapid development of the situation. The industry response to this development parquet, adequate attention should be given not only to the brand, scale, service standardization and internationalization efforts, should actively promote its products ready to train with them adapt to the development more stable, wider consumer market.
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