different bamboo ages

different bamboo ages

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Also, there are bamboo flooring due to damp and moldy due to drying and cracking, but also due to the influence of the sun and humidity, stratification.wood composite deck in spain In addition, because different bamboo ages, the quality of bamboo flooring will be a great difference to consumers discernment also put forward higher requirements.

Compared with solid wood flooring,mold resistant wood wall panel bamboo flooring texture seems slightly inferior. Perhaps it is these shortcomings hinder the bamboo flooring market expansion. Although the "public that goes, using composite wood decking to make picnic table rational woman and she said," in the end is how the bamboo flooring products, but also the different brands.

Many brands of bamboo flooring bamboo flooring for the shortcomings, in production process improvement. For example, by cooking, carbonization process, so that the floor is not only fresh and gorgeous color, and never moldy; thermoforming using large hydraulic machine, consultant for wood plastic composite project in india make life-long bamboo body will not be deformed; leaching paint line using automatic Mu board, so that the paint surface flat and smooth, strong adhesion, hardness, wear resistance coefficient is increased and the like.
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