Flooring industry toward healthy competition

Flooring industry toward healthy competition

Postautor: harden » 15 wrz 2016, o 17:23

In 2007, for many people, the floor, filled with countless hardships. Vicious market competition and price wars in the fight, so that many enterprises in the industry was devastating. In reviewing 2007, I believe there will be more people feel the disorderly "market competition" frustration and stress brought about, but how many people understand the true meaning of competition?

I remember when visiting a retail store floor, the face of such a company with strong strength of the floor provincial agents, reporters they heard this frustration: Today's flooring market is becoming increasingly difficult, local brands continue to emerge on the market and relying on its geographical advantage, production costs, transportation costs to a minimum, and thus to the absolute low price to seize the market. As for the other provinces and cities of the brand, especially in the southern provinces of the brand, it is relatively difficult to compete. Due to the increasing cost of long-distance transport to make, and then lose a lot of profit, under the premise of lost profits, foreign brands will lose competitiveness.

However, on the surface, the dealer was right, in the absence of real competition started when foreign brands have been lost to local brands, foreign brands this turns out to be false starts. But then I thought, local brands compete in the future when it may not be able to take absolute advantage, foreign brands can still rely on the advantages of its products and promote its advantages take initiative. Competition between the two can be said to have their own advantages, but the final analysis, a "how to compete" and "How competition" issue.

Competition have, but not too blind. To account for the market, but not to seize. I believe that many companies in the market have eaten such a loss: in the case of the normal operation of its own brand, all of a sudden I heard a certain brand of big price cuts, in the case of forced product had to sacrifice profits, may not be followed by price promotions, passive fight. Thus, the price war began.

This lit the fuse of World War II had a lot of people in real life. Some would say this is the ruthless competition in the market, yes, this is indeed a form of market competition. But this competition is vicious, disorderly, which often results in a lose-lose, especially in the post-war price war initiator in addition to loss of profits other get nothing, because the challenger is always more cruel than the originator to to win this competition. Market competition is brutal, survival of the fittest is the law of survival. But the vicious competition like this bring to the industry but only hurt.

Today, many companies have seen this, but also understand the "healthy competition" is important. So what is "healthy competition" mean? It is more about the product and work hard, do not just dig into the price, improve product quality, increase product awareness, to further improve service and so become the first choice for healthy competition between enterprises. If companies understand the meaning of healthy competition in the future will no longer have this happen, the market will become increasingly competitive mechanism with the norms of prosperity, mutual benefit and win-win situation between businesses will become a reality, the entire industry more get healthy development.

New 2008 has come, in this New Year, I hope that in this new year, sum up experience and lessons learned, the flooring industry to a new track of healthy development, positive interaction style competition more vicious battle less.

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