Wood floors and tile performance

Wood floors and tile performance

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Performance Comparison
1, wooden flooring is very popular in recent years, the classic look and a variety of decorative styles will give you a sense of returning home to bring warmth. Wood runs the gamut from light and airy maple, medium oak, dark walnut or cherry. Some people also has a unique grain pattern or visible knot, add your own design elements. Do not be afraid to try something different, especially if your house has a modern or eclectic feel. Hardwood floors including the current top trends in exotic woods such as teak and Brazilian cherry, hand-scraped wood, crushed to look at the previous wear; and the old wide plank. Wood can be used in any room of the house, even in the kitchen, as long as the place is not particularly plagiarism, always there is a leak in the kitchen, even with the most careful cook. Preventive measures include covered with asphalt felt subfloor moisture and excellent coats of polyurethane sealant floor. Hardwood can be purchased at two inches or less wide or wider boards, measuring 6-8 inches wide strips.
2, ceramic tile is also more popular, the reason is multifaceted. Tile is easy to clean, other than filling. Use darker grout is a simple way to avoid stains, lighter color. Often it used to tile or marble bathroom, because of the high humidity and water overflow chance sink, bathtub or toilet overflows. If you decide to go with ceramic tile in the kitchen, refrigerator or other consideration to the necessary clearance according to counter appliances. Tiles can be simple or complex. It can be a lower price option, because the standard is still suitable custom size and potential of DIY installation. Consideration may be split, if tiled floors settlement. They can be cold - slippery when wet. Tile heating system under the floor before installing the tile down, is a relatively inexpensive way to make feel more comfortable with tiled floors and warm, especially in winter.

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