Solid wood flooring scratch repair method

Solid wood flooring scratch repair method

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Interior decoration, many owners prefer wood flooring, wood floor maintenance but very particular, deformation, cracks and other problems will appear improper maintenance. Today, the Chinese network will introduce floor repair method and the method of solid wood flooring wood flooring moisture when scratched.
�� wood floor scratch repair method
First, the floor oil
If wood flooring appear above are relatively shallow scratches recommend treatment with oil at the floor, the floor can be a layer of its protective oils floor, so minor scratches in place will not deepen color. Commenced: Find scratched worn wooden floor, the worn wooden floor, with water wet sanding paper mill slightly soapy water surface, but do not worn too deep, do not wet the wood surface, then wipe with a dry cloth. If you want to play heavy crystal, the first crystal completely rubbed off the old, light-absorbing wood dust net, compared with a wet cloth will completely erase the old sawdust, until the floor is completely dry, use a soft bristle brush to evenly apply Crystal Oil on the floor, a few hours will be completely dry; if bubbles appear after the repair, use light sandpaper rubbed baby, the effect is better performed under dry weather.
Second, polishing wax
If the wood floor surface paint not bad, just a little scratch marks, directly after polishing polishing wax floor cleaner. Polishes mainly to protect the floor shiny, so that the surface becomes smooth wood floors, it will not be scratched places a deeper injury.
Third, painting
If the wood floor where more serious scratches, breakage or grin floor paint, available 400 water sandpaper dipped in soapy water to clean and polish, partial complementary color to be dry, dry and then brush a color paint to dry for 24 hours with 400 water sandpaper, then wipe the floor wax polish.
Fourth, professional maintenance staff
If you scratch the more serious of solid wood flooring a large area, it is recommended to ask someone for maintenance personnel and other wood floor renovation or replacement.

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