Flooring market brand

Flooring market brand

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The past two years, domestic flooring industry is developing rapidly, <a href="http://wpcgreenfloor.com/affordable-deck/855.html">cheapest composite decking st louis</a> but along with that the rapid development of increasingly stand out is the quality, price, pavement, after-sales service and a series of industry issues. On the one hand, and external flooring manufacturers face their own challenges, has been pushed to a critical turning point in the upcoming industry "reshuffle", how to maintain a comparative advantage, invincible, become an urgent need Discussion of the problem; on the other hand, consumers face a new frequency, the quality varies greatly, the price of large span flooring market, how to do the rational, the right choice, also showed considerable confusion. Thus, the newspaper for the "2005 Strategic Marketing and flooring industry peak value innovation seminar" on the industry reflects the more prominent aspects in the major building materials supermarkets, stores, respectively, <a href="http://wpcgreenfloor.com/wpc-product/4158.html">cost per linear foot to install 4 rail composite fence</a> 24 and 20 are brand flooring (ready) to purchase floor consumers conducted random checks. Undoubtedly, this is just a small-scale investigation, but we can still hope that the preliminary investigation to clarify some of the core consumer issues, we found some drawbacks industry. Brand Survey Brand Number of chaos, there are three or four brands on the market Beijing market about three or four hundred flooring brand, which has roughly the size of flooring brands have more than 100, of which not more than 30 brands. Visit B & Q, and other stores actually home, after the supermarket found that supermarket occupies wood laminate flooring and a larger share, 70%, wood composite ratio of less than 30%; high-end stores, the proportion of solid wood flooring is relatively large, up to 40% Forest Products industry Association, Gao Zhihua said, according to the current market environment, <a href="http://wpcgreenfloor.com/affordable-deck/4488.html">eco surfaces grass look rubber backed tiles</a> the survival of the fittest as the market competition, and the current critical situation in the flooring industry, before 34 100 flooring brands, two hundred fake floors and some of the small and medium enterprises will gradually withdraw from the floor. Fully integrated wood flooring industry situation is inevitable. Consumers choose mainstream consumer choice: parquet Today, domestic flooring products and almost comparable to the vagaries of fashion, the brand continues to introduce new flooring, updated look, the update feature to update technology ...... According to statistics, this year the market is relatively common the main floor are the following: wood, parquet, laminate flooring, cork flooring, <a href="http://wpcgreenfloor.com/affordable-deck/2876.html">labor cost to install trex decking</a> bamboo flooring, and each being, but also to do more detailed classification from color, function and other aspects.
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