The floor has been accepted by consumers

The floor has been accepted by consumers

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Each with corresponding consumer groups. But the floor of the "rising star" --- cork flooring and bamboo flooring acceptance is slightly less. In twenty consumer reporter random survey, only 2 people were willing to try bamboo flooring and cork flooring, because "curious." Others choose: wood, <a href="">wholesale engineered wood decking wpc</a> parquet, laminate flooring ratio is 2: 5: 3 not difficult to find: Engineered wood flooring is not easy to deformation, easy pavement, waterproof and good to win the majority of consumers, but also to strengthen the floor, with its low price, wear-resistant properties continue to be consumers. Industry Records floor to the conceptual age? More than half (57.1%) chose the mid-range floor, there are 28.6% of people choose high-grade flooring, choose low-floor people, accounting for only 14.3%. As the saying goes, "one-third of products, seven installation", floor coverings have always been a big problem. Consumers complain most pavement and warranty issues, "said the next day sent over a good shop, <a href="">natural wood texture boat deck</a> played no fewer than 10 phone call, the third day did not come." A consumer complaint on behalf of the majority of people's voices . In addition, substandard floor coverings, floor coverings because they can not pay attention to moisture deformation and then, when bagging examples have occurred, but there is no reason in itself difficult to monitor live technical renovation were not worried: my family was all right flooring ? On warranty issues, companies have formal floor for a certain product warranty period, the consumer stands to reason that there should be no worries, but it is not: Once the floor there is a problem, maintenance staff what time it is not allowed, even to look at the scene after , Paul allowed also to find you numerous reasons, such as water and so on the floor, one can see the floor unless there are quality problems, <a href="">eco-friendly flower boxes</a> manufacturers will be promised to replace, but consumers still need to wait patiently for the maintenance staff came again. Core issues "pricing" mid-range: $ 150-300 / square meter laminate flooring lowest price: 39 yuan per square meter in the B & Q supermarkets fieldwork outcome: Laminate flooring is currently the lowest price and the highest price are 39 yuan / square meter and 216 yuan / square meter, which checks Dekor, the EU Code, Burundi, Kenuo Sen, Jia Ruo, Po Chu Kai proud, Kanger Habitat, ECO Canada this nine brands, its lowest price over 100 yuan / square meter above the floor only three brands. The highest price over 100 yuan / square meter or more for four. Overall average price between 79.4-132.2 yuan / square meter. The most low-end price of 70 yuan / square meters below the floor of the three brands accounted for. ECO Canada which floor the lowest price of 39 yuan / square meter. In addition the EU Code Release 2008 yuan / square meters of laminate flooring, high-priced natural eye-catching, but this is the business in order to attract the attention of consumers and the introduction of the concept of products, basically do not have the consumer price index. High parquet few people interested parquet lowest price and the highest price are 139 yuan / square meter and 269 yuan / square meter, <a href="">antioxidative deck railings</a> according to spot checks Dekor, there are wild, forest Island, King Kong, parrots and other five brands, the combined average price in 195.7-402 yuan / square meter. Wherein Dekor Kang Yi launched a classic parquet price of 1180 yuan / square meter, higher than the price of many of the same species of wood, the floor is because of the length and width size is very large, paving the overall effect is more obvious, but almost Nobody cares. Solid wood flooring is relatively more expensive than two floors, checks Yu Feng, forest Island, Shuang Fu Lin card, Portcullis, Hong, Chun brand, Baines wood and other eight domestic brands, and they are the lowest the highest prices are 136 yuan / square meter and 586 yuan / square meter. The average price of 303 yuan / square meter.
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