Temperature Crack Mechanism

Temperature Crack Mechanism

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Research shows that many of asphalt pavement in front after the completion of the official opening on the cracks, regardless of the kind of crack is that they are caused by temperature variations of temperature cracks, not only with local environmental climatic conditions, but also on the road surface material closely related to the combination of design features and pavement structure.

When the outside temperature drops, the pavement material gradually hardens and starts to contract, pulling gravitational contraction exceeds the tensile strength of the material when the pavement, asphalt pavement on crack. Due to the limited width of the pavement structure, small shrinkage by mutual restraint pavement structure, the temperature shrinkage cracks are mainly horizontal.

Thinner pavement, subject to greater temperature difference between the role of grass-roots, grass-roots asphalt surface drag torque is large, partially offset tensile stress near the tip, so that the crack stress intensity decreases as the temperature shrinkage coefficient increase in the tensile stress layer at the bottom of the base layer and surface increases, so under certain conditions, the relative position of cracking at the bottom of the asphalt surface cracks, and to extend up through the surface layer thickness, when the grassroots has been cracking, stress tips Concentration will exacerbate extend above the cracks.

When the asphalt layer is thick, the temperature difference at the grassroots level by small, grassroots opposite friction resistance layer, not enough to offset the increase in temperature shrinkage of the asphalt surface tensile stress near the crack tip generated by the enlarged portion, so that the cracks tip stress intensity continues to increase.

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