Environmentally friendly bamboo flooring full of green

Environmentally friendly bamboo flooring full of green

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'Jie Lu in the human environment, traveling without noise. I asked the wilderness round? Heart is distant. 'Located in the hustle and bustle of the city, everyone is yearning for leisurely quiet nature. Who does not look forward to the home can also have Xu breeze, torpid comfortable enjoyment? Restore wonderful mood like nature, bamboo can help you reflect the extraordinary taste of fine living at the same time.

Qing Dynasty famous painter, poet Zheng Banqiao life hi bamboo love bamboo, bamboo fans crazy bamboo, bamboo refers to poetry written picturesque bamboo, Yong Zhu Yan Zhi. According to historical records, and Su Shi Zheng Xie Agile also bamboo bamboo, the wonder Su poem: 'I would rather eat no meat, can not live without bamboo. 'Today,' bamboo culture 'with its elegant inherent quality and refined taste of the humanities, is gradually favored by the majority of the people. More and more young bamboo flooring soft spot.

Hot or cold: bamboo barefoot uplink

Bamboo flooring natural beauty, texture, straight, bold and smooth, shiny translucent, added a lot of room for the elegant charm; and its strong toughness and hardness, but also cater to many consumers to the floor of the basic requirements. More valuable is waterproof, nursing simple features, bamboo flooring is very suitable for floor heating systems, many new properties using under floor heating, the advantages of bamboo flooring appear exhaustive.

Today, the use of geothermal heating of the chamber uncommon, but once underground leakage, 'water discoloration talk' wood floors faced with deformation. The high hardness of bamboo flooring, high density, good texture, heat quickly and evenly. After long-term heating floor deformation.

In terms of relative wooden flooring, bamboo flooring is straight fiber alignment, easily distorted; because of its plant crude fiber structure, hardness is also higher than the timber more than doubled; in comfort, bamboo flooring is called cool no matter what the season, people can walk on it barefoot.

'Green': the north and south are appropriate

Bamboo growing season is very short, a few years be able to become useful, using bamboo flooring is an environmentally friendly choice. In advocating a 'green decoration' Today, natural texture, delicate texture of bamboo flooring has become the first choice for many people.

The so-called 'South of Orange, North trifoliate', many readers thought relatively dry climate in the north, is not suitable for growing in the south spread with bamboo flooring made. In fact, is not, bamboo will be exposed to high temperatures, high humidity, high pressure environment degreased, dehydration, sugar, effectively prevent infestation. Thus, the rate of high-temperature aqueous bamboo flooring carbonized is controlled to a minimum value, and both sides have been in and around the finishing process, changes in humidity in the air is no longer sensitive, high-quality bamboo flooring in the north use the basic no problem.

Secondly, many consumers believe that 'the greater the age of bamboo, bamboo more mature, the more solid the floor' is a common sense errors. The industry believes that bamboo flooring age should be 5-6 years for the best, too old or too tender bamboo flooring is not suitable. Good bamboo should choose bamboo South bamboo age between 5-6 years, when the bamboo tough and elastic; 4 years too tender bamboo, density, strength, hardness is relatively low; and more than 7 years age bamboo bamboo fiber is aging, poor toughness, brittleness.

There are still flaws: as appropriate, should be optional

Of course, there are some flaws bamboo flooring - Currently, most bamboo flooring colors available in the market are mainly two: one is the natural color. Because growth is less than the radius of bamboo wood, no significant difference yin and yang side, the processing from fresh bamboo flooring made of bamboo is rich in bamboo pattern, and color symmetry, after the varnish on the floor made of a more unified tone, but also more single. Another man is painted, you can deploy a variety of colors, but often the color will cover natural bamboo pattern, bamboo flooring so full of vitality fade pattern, it affects the appearance. Drab colors make high demands on visual perception have deterred consumers.

In addition, within six months after the decoration, since two floors bayonet to be running, step up will be issued a number of sound; compared to solid wood flooring, bamboo flooring is easier in case of influx of mildew, the rainy season should pay attention to the ventilation window; winter heating Arakan indoor best to use a humidifier. Try to wring dry mop, better maintenance. According to the above method, bamboo flooring can be used for 20 years or more.......

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