Notch Pouring pros and cons

Notch Pouring pros and cons

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Notch Pouring on the road cause secondary damage. Because the use of Notch Pouring is based on grooved pavement crack cracks expand equipment, general slot width of about 2cm, depth of not more than 2cm, and then use the hair dryer to blow away the dust, then pouring, so at that time it seems to play a waterproof effect, in fact, after a rain check, you can easily rinse the crack pouring material yer see cracks opened groove peripheral wall is wet, it can be concluded that the case did not play a waterproof .

Analysis of the reason is because after notching use a hair dryer to blow away dust just blew off the dust of the groove wall surface and are not to be blown off the large dust and loose particles are perturbed slot machines, such filling material and pouring into the not form a good bond with the crack opened groove wall (torn off from the surface of the pouring material obviously fine particles can be concluded), it would not achieve the waterproof function.

Further more serious it is on the road after notching cause secondary damage, because after notching on the road to form a U-shaped groove 2cm wide, the vehicle passes through the U-shaped groove wheel respectively to this U-shaped groove two corners were the impact (significant vibration when driving through), so that after a short period of time will be the impact of the two edges of the U-groove impact crusher, and then put both sides of the U-shaped groove causes a wide broken belt 5-10cm, to the situation only on the seam overall Wabu, if more slots open only after Patching Paving carried out (because the road will Patching holes, is not conducive to driving comfort), custody of the road sector caused huge losses, but also enormous waste of resources.

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