Large wooden floors became popular

Large wooden floors became popular

Postautor: harden » 17 wrz 2016, o 17:53

This year to buy wood flooring, consumers value most is quality. Solid wood flooring is good, but the maintenance of the complex. This year, the Xi'an supermarkets launched a ultra-wearable solid wood flooring. It is said that this floor, in addition to having a high abrasion resistance and general characteristics of solid wood flooring, but also has a strong film adhesion, high transparency, particularly good acid and alkali resistance, moisture resistance, easy to crack, non-explosive paint .

On effect in terms of decoration, floor coverings small joints more clutter and cramped, and the seams of refractory dirt, easy to breed bacteria, so large floor became popular in the market.

Ordinary floor general specifications for the 12cm �� 90cm, the floor of the large size specifications can reach 14cm �� 180cm, the area is 2.3 times that of ordinary wood floor. It is understood that the general common flooring material of red sandalwood, rosewood, etc., abandoned scrap, using the main part of the production of the whole tree, highlight the atmosphere, paving it has unlimited extension of sense and sense of space.

Piano floor, is the recent rise of the market mainstream products. Looks gorgeous, bright, ultra-generous wear layer, the visual effect is more bright, thorough, and foot feeling better, and look very much like real wood floor, but the price is much lower than solid wood flooring.

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