Geothermal floor installation best seasons of life from the

Geothermal floor installation best seasons of life from the

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Your house is being renovated the heating equipment installed? If have not, then you miss the spring and summer, do not miss the autumn. Autumn is the best season to heat the floor is installed,Corrosion-resistant swimming pool deck let's get started! Warm floor installation method introduced. 1, before installing wood flooring screed must be dry, otherwise the floor will play drums, this is very important. General screed to be dried for at least 20 days (to avoid work slowdown, during which you can do other construction), to be longer in winter, not the eyes see the surface dry really dry up. Than self-leveling screed, faster solidification, and relatively thin, so a shorter drying period, three days can be. 2, winter moisture evaporates more slowly here a simple test method.
Get a plastic wrap (not too much), on leveling the surface, sealed with tape around the house should be warm friends in advance to test whether the normal operation of heating systems, geothermal conditions permit can run low, waiting to see more than one day whether the ground water stains! if not said already dry. 3, floors 1-3 days in advance to the approach to accommodate paving environment, large temperature difference between various parts of the winter,Corrosion Resistant synthetic boat decking so make the floor coverings in advance to adapt to the environment, or prone to unnecessary deformation. This is easy to understand, the general manufacturers will advance to a material to adapt to room temperature for two days. 4, after the floor is installed, do not suddenly start to warm a large, low-temperature must be run for some time, which is warm, the floor below the screed and wooden floor has a protective effect!
5, officially the best place after a home heating humidifier or put a pot of water. After heating the indoor air is relatively dry, the floor is not only afraid of the tide, but also afraid dry. In short humidity suitable is the best. Warm modern home life is widely used a class of heating types, compared to traditional heating type has many advantages characteristics,Natural appearance of wood composite decking boards with good heat dissipation and concealment, to provide users with excellent thermal effect, the user choose to install geothermal when the floor must be installed according to the above ways to
Usually occurs crack and deformation are solid wood flooring, because it is made from natural materials, dry weather because its internal wood fibers and loss of moisture, which can lead to low moisture content of wood flooring, wood fiber boards such shrinkage cracking, seams increases. This can be used when a wet rag to alleviate the contraction of wood fibers,Environmentally friendly composite decking board wood will not worry about flood damage, as long as not dripping wet rag screwed into the state a week to wipe the floor two or three times. If you think this method is too much trouble, you can also use a humidifier to increase the indoor humidity is usually maintained at 50% -70% better.
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